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  1. eroyee

    How Best to Count the Days?

    You are going the exact day we are. We are going Dec. 7-15th, 2013 and staying at the new Art of Animation resort....I cant stand the wait. It seems like forever to me.....
  2. eroyee

    Why the hate for TSMM?

    We love TSMM....To us its fun...
  3. eroyee

    2012 Pop Warner Resorts

    We have had them at POR,too....
  4. eroyee

    Favorite disney character

    Kinda obvious, but EEYORE...........
  5. eroyee

    Longest Disney drought

    1974 first time....not back till, 25 years......I am now a regular, though....cant stand waiting even a year between trips...
  6. eroyee

    Wilderness Lodge in December

    Dont forget Osborne Lights and Candlelight Processional and the Gingerbread House at the GF....
  7. eroyee

    Which Park Would You Skip?

    Animal Kingdom
  8. eroyee

    Can you bring a laptop into the parks?

    At first, I thought you were a little "goofy" but now I see you have to work. That's a really amazing idea. I would love to be able to do that. How exciting....
  9. eroyee

    Tell me about the Pop again.

    There isnt any place that is that far from the busses. Even in the 80s and 90s section you can cut across parking lots to get to the bus.
  10. eroyee

    Suggestions For a economical Hotel For a night @ WDW

    One of the Value resorts on property?
  11. eroyee

    Hello WDW people :)

    Book POP and hope for free dining!!!
  12. eroyee

    It's A Small World (Not the ride)

    That is so funny your hubby yelling about that lady in line.....serves her right......
  13. eroyee

    A little review of Art of Animation!

    We will definitely stay there next trip....thanks for the wonderful pictures...
  14. eroyee

    Could use some advice please

    I would also recommend more time at MK because of your kid's ages. Especially if you are staying at BLT. You can always do the other parks the next time. Also, they would really love the Halloween party at MK if you wanted to pay the extra for the tickets.
  15. eroyee

    Does seeing a Disney character bring you to tears?

    Yes, I always tear-up when I see my buddy, Eeyore...
  16. eroyee

    Packing for an October trip!

    We always put in a pair of long pants just in case.....
  17. eroyee

    Towel animals and such from housekeeping

    I guess its up to you. I enjoy reading all trip reports, no matter when...
  18. eroyee

    Towel animals and such from housekeeping

    Under trip reports...
  19. eroyee

    Where do you draw the line of affordable?

    Good for you...Proud of you...
  20. eroyee

    What other place in the world gives you a "feeling" that can compare to WDW?

    The Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN. Thats my second favorite place to be after WDW. It's so beautiful and laid back. I could live there easily. I would also be closer to WDW if I moved there!!!
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