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    Yacht club vs contemporary

    We like and have stayed at both multiple times. Flip a coin, you'll be happy with either.
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    Best Place for Birthday Meal

    I'm not sure how where I like to have a birthday meal will help you, but, Shula's.
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    Number 1 resort

    It may be time to push away from the computer for a little while.
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    Number 1 resort

    Not really. I'm not staying at a Deluxe without a balcony. It may not be important to everyone, but, it is to us. All Yacht Club rooms have balcony's, not true for Beach Club.
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    Unpopular opinions about the parks?

    I will even add the BAH to that.
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    Ale & Compass

    Yeah, we got talked into this buffet add on too. Worst collection of buffet food we've experienced on property. I honestly don't see what Ale & Compass has going for it. It's kind of like a glorified hotel coffee shop that you only go to if you have to.
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    Multiple Rooms On One Booking?

    Whenever we make reservations for multiple rooms we always call. By calling you can make sure your requests are noted. For a room reservation there's really no need for a Travel Agent. We like to control our own reservation and make changes immediately when we need to,
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    Don’t Stay Here - Disney's All-Star Sports Resort

    Looking at the original post and then the follow up with the screen shot it's obvious that the reservation was made in the OP's name, and then for whatever reason his daughter showed up to try to check in. Pricelines guidelines/rules weren't followed and the OP is blaming Disney.
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    Don’t Stay Here - Disney's All-Star Sports Resort

    You did business and had a contract with Priceline.
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    Don’t Stay Here - Disney's All-Star Sports Resort

    That's what they 'essentially' said? I stopped using these 3rd party hotel providers years and years ago to save a couple bucks. You reserved a room through Priceline and apparently were not familiar with the rules. Why blame Disney when Priceline's rules say you cannot change the name on a...
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    News Walt Disney World Adds Water Park Perk for 2025 Resort Guests

    Maybe the resorts just got tired of people camping out in the lobby all day on check in day, asking every 20 minutes if their room is ready yet. Give them something to do.
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    Number 1 resort

    We have stayed there plenty, but, now it's just too crowded with people who aren't even staying at the resort. 'Ohana keeps the lobby jammed, Tambu Lounge is always packed at the times I want to visit the lounge. I like to have a lounge at my resort that I can pop into without it being jammed...
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    Boulder Ridge vs Beach club resort

    If we are staying 'deluxe', we want a balcony. Balconies are not guaranteed at Beach Club, but all rooms at BR have one.
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    Joffreys Coffee

    I'd suggest critiquing the coffee rather than the people.
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    Number 1 resort

    I have stayed at most deluxes. I have never stayed at a resort I was disappointed with. For a ONE TIME, trip though, I'd always recommend one of the classics. Though I'll probably never stay at the Poly again, I would recommend it in your case. The location, grounds, access to the most...
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    Hollywood Brown Derby vs Sci-Fi Dine In Theater

    We have eaten at Brown Derby a half dozen times or more. We have always enjoyed it, love the atmosphere and food. We always ask to sit in the main room and will wait for a table there. Sci Fi we have eaten at twice and everyone needs to eat there at least once. It's a classic.
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    Florida Resident Disney Vloggers on YouTube

    So, you're saying that I should be able to go to the Biltmore House and charge people to give them tours? I could come up with topics for a few tours that Biltmore doesn't offer. Heck, I could go to the White House and open a business giving tours? I honestly don't see where anyone has the...
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    AKL vs Boardwalk

    We put in a request with a 3rd party DVC rental company with BWV as first choice and AKL as second. We'll be staying at AKL in June. Have stayed in a regular room at Jambo House twice.
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    Need hotel recommendation--great pool and amenities

    I've stayed at many Disney Deluxe resorts and trying to hang around the pool is not fun at many of them. Many of the pools do not have enough places to sit to accommodate all the flip flops, paperbacks and sunscreen that like to lounge around on comfy pool loungers. AKL Jambo pool has always...
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