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    Adventures By Disney

    Spirit of America I am going with my daughter and grandson on the Spirit of America Trip in June. Hope you have a great time in Italy. I am also going on the European Cruise in July - We will be seeing a lot in Italy also - Let us know how you like it. I am sure you will love it - Disney...
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    Single rider lines??

    I rode Soarin on the 2nd of January with my Grandson and they were asking for single riders just in the fast pass lines. There was no single riders and so seats were left empty. I still feel that single riders for Soarin might just make sense. They also were asking for parties of 2 - so we...
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    Best resort for park hopping?

    I have stayed at most of the resorts and I agree with your husband. I love Wilderness Lodge. You can boat to Magic Kingdom and to the Contemporary. You can catch the Monorail at the Contemporary and go to EPCOT or even to Magic Kingdom. You can bus to MGM and Animal Kingdom. The only thing...
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    main street electrical parade

    Just for your information - if you go to the Walt Disney World website and click on parks, then Magic Kingdom - about half way down on the left side it shows park hours. Bring up the monthly park hours - then click on the day you want - they show the park times for parades and fireworks. Check...
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    any must do traditions once you get to the world?

    The one thing I do every trip to WDW is go to the Partner's statue and thank Walt for creating such a magical place for me to enjoy with my children and grandchildren. Now everytime my grandchildren pass by the statue they also thank Mr. Disney.
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    20k site play area???

    I am all for Disney making this a playground for small children. I know that my grandchildren as well as many mentioned before, would love to have a place to get out of the stroller and just play. I do believe that it will reduce a lot of congestion in Fantasyland and ToonTown. I also believe...
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    HELP!!! Panic attack!! HELP!!!

    Yes it will be busy but as was stated above - just go and have fun - according to your post - is it just you and your wife? No kids. Make sure you stay on Disney property and then you can take advantage of extra magic hours and late open hours - that way you should be able to get all your fun...
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    New Video and Photo Update March 16th! - Must see!

    Thank you so much - as has been stated in the above posts - it makes me feel just like I am back there again and believe me living in Minnesota it really means a lot. Please continue with updates if you are able.
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    Just thought you should know about Pam

    Thanks for the recommendations - I always book myself, but next time I will give Pam a call. Nice to here such nice things about her.
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    Magic Kingdom on New Year's Eve - worth it?

    I arrived in Orlando about 7:00 pm last New Years Eve. My daughter and grandson picked me up at the airport and we went directly to MK. We got right in got to see the last parade and then walked back to the area between tomorrowland and Toontown and watched the greatest New Year's fireworks we...
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    Any of the Pistons at MK for a parade?

    My grandson is a great Piston's fan and lives in Orlando. I found on this web site that the Lightening was at MK and he got to go see the ticker tape parade. He would really love to see the Piston's if any of them are going. Please post info on this web site if anyone has any information...
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    Never been to Epcot, help

    Our little ones love EPCOT - they love the music and the wandering shows outside the countries. But most of all they love the "jumping water" - that is what they call them. In the areas near Mission Space & the walkway to World Showcase EPCOT has two areas where water squirts from circle to...
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    Extra Magic Hour or Not?

    I also like to use Early Entry Magic Hour - but if you want to go to a certain park one day and it is early entry and you don't go early, I recommend that you skip it altogether. It seems as though the fast passes are either many hours later in the afternoon if not gone altogether. Either way...
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    Experienced the NEW Extra Magic Hour

    wolf29 - see you there, I am coming in on the 19th and plan to AK late Thursday evening.
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    My Port Orleans Photo's from 5/7/04 - 5/11/04

    Thanks for sharing your great pictures of PO. I am going to be staying at the FQ beginning next week for two weeks. I can hardly wait. I have stayed there many times before and I always seem to choose to go back there.
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    Company to test varied Extra Magic Hour schedule

    Thanks - I am coming in on the 19th so I will watch for late hours on the 20th - 22nd. Great piece of information.
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    what old attractions do you miss the most and what new ones can you live w/o??

    I know you asked for attractions, but the things I miss most are two parades - The first is my all time favorite Tapestry of Nations then Dreams and I also loved the Mickey Mania ( I think that is what it was called) parade they had at Magic Kingdom a few years ago. By the way does anyone...
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    Surprise trip for me with resort!

    Our family favorite for the moderates is always Port Orleans French Quarter. We love the boat to Downtown Disney - they just finished redoing the whole resort and it should be very fresh and clean. My all time favorite is Wilderness Lodge when we go in the winter, but if it is nice and warm I...
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    Disney won't sell us ultimate park hopper..

    Sorry - I just realized that you are going in September. The annual pass discounts aren't out yet. Just keep your current reservations and keep checking Mousesavers. The discounts don't usually come out until about 3 months before. Then if you decide it is more economical - just call in and...
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    Disney won't sell us ultimate park hopper..

    You mentioned that the premium annual pass would cost you more, but have you checked into the $$ you might save on the hotel rates. Remember you get a discount on your water park and Pleasure Island tickets also. The overall savings might just make annual passes w/o the premium feature more...
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