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    The whole parking system at SeaWorld is kind of a hot mess. The parking lot looks like it hasn't been repaved since the 90's, there's no parking tram anymore even on days when people have to park across the street, despite the park owning the trams and having dedicated tram roadways and...
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    Project Toboggan 2024 New Coaster

    Aside from how bad it's going to be to not have a single indoor or family-oriented ride in the park, I can't believe leadership thinks it's a good idea to open two ice-themed launch coasters in the same park in rapid succession... I think people are going to see advertisements for it and think...
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    RIP Turtles 360

    What's interesting is the former Turtle Trek theater entrance has new "Coral Rescue" signage around it that would imply something is eventually going to fill that space. I have no idea what it would be... Hopefully not some dull documentary-style video about literally trying to save coral...
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    Sea World 09/3/2017

    I was there on the night of the 2nd, and the crowd level was just as high then too. I didn't have a chance to go earlier in the summer, so I don't know what it was like then, but maybe you're right about it taking all summer for people to find out about it. When they announced that Shamu Stadium...
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