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    His Success at Disney Isn't More Than He Imagined

    I was in Burbank Ca. last March and I went right by the Disney Studios, I would have like to have met the folks there. I used to work at the WDW Resort and I met many of the Imagineers at work in Tomorrowland. Ron.
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    Union Recommends Voting Against Disney Contract Proposal

    Contract..Oct.1998 In the past I have worked for the Disney Co. Working in Tomorrowland at the WDW Resort-<O:p</O:p I remember voting out a contract once and then voting in a tentative contract in that gave us a raise (I forgot how much, I think it went from 5.50 to 6.25) and they raised...
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    Epcot News: Crane behind SE

    SE Wand repairs... I was wondering if there are any members that dislike the SE wand? I happen to be among those who.. though I am an avid EPCOT fan and passholder, I would like to see the wand Disappear.... Just a thought, -Ron_Odoski.
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