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    Journey into Narnia

    Thanks for the advice wannab. Maybe we'll judge the line and see how we feel when we get there in Nov. We really loved the movie, so maybe it would be enjoyable.
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    Journey into Narnia has some really nice ones. I don't know what they will have at the parks, but we have purchased costumes from here the past few years and the costumes are of very good quality.
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    Ordered My MNSSHP tixs!

    You saved money by buying them now. "Day Of" prices are higher. Have a great time. MNSSHP is so much fun!
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    Journey into Narnia

    Thanks for everyone's input. Our family loves Narnia! My kids are being Peter and Lucy for halloween. However, I will skip this attraction as I have no need to see another trailer and no desire to wait in another line for something lame.
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    Disney Gift Cards

    You can load up to $1500 on one card. So, you wouldn't need to have multiple cards unless you want them for more than one person.
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    New MK entertainment coming soon!

    I'm going in Nov. Looks like I have a lot to look forward to. I personnally look forward to all these shows. Anything new is o.k. by me.
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    Disney Gift Cards

    Here's a link. These can be purchased at the Disney Store or online.
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    Disney Gift Cards

    Don't know if this helps since you have cash from your yard sale, but you can buy them on also.
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    Mickey's Birthday.

    Thanks for your input everybody. I guess I'll just have to find out when I get there. If anything happens, I'll be sure to let you all know.
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    Mickey's Birthday.

    Any info would be appreciated.
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    Mickey's Birthday.

    We just made reservations for Nov. and will be there on Nov. 18 for Mickey's birthday. Does anyone know if they do anything special?
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    Why can't you?

    We are full-time RVers. RVers often spend long amounts of time somewhere warm in the winter. These folks are called snowbirds. Anyway, the last time we stayed at FW there were people there who were staying for 6 months. Multilple reservations. You don't get a length of stay discount or...
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    Why can't you?

    I just booked my Nov. trip to stay in FW from 11/8 - 11/22 (14 days) online last night. No problem.
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    Would you want to be a CM at WDW?

    I would definately love to share my joy and love of Disney with others.
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    Playhouse Disney Dance Party

    I agree with everyone here who thinks this is a great idea. Yes, pre-schoolers should normally have a decent bed time. But, they are on vacation. And I must say that every time I am there I see little ones at this hour anyway. Sooooo, party on little people!
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    AP vs Fla. res

    FYI these are the blackout dates for 2006: 12/22/05 - 1/5/06 4/8 - 4/21 6/10 - 8/17 12/22/06 - 1/5/07 We love our season passes. We do not go during peak times, so this was a great deal for us. We can by passes for our family of 4 for $888.23 that with tax. The AP's were $1,291.86. It...
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    Vote! Fireworks Contest (Final Poll)

    These are all amazing photos. You guys did a great job!
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    AP blackout dates for summer

    Where do you find out if they have changed the dates?
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    Where's your favorite spot to shop at WDW?

    I love World of Disney. Last time I was at DTD I found a little alley/store near the Pooh store. Everything was $10 or less. Found lots of little goodies.
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    Man on strecher 7-3-06 Epcot?

    All I can say is that we all have to die sometime. It's a fact of life. If I died at WDW I would die a happy woman in my favorite place on earth.
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