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    Disney Genie/Genie+ On Their Way to Anaheim

    MaxPass had a shorter "cool down" window of 90 mins as compared to the current 120 min window. Also with MaxPass you could get another FP the moment your return window opened up on your most current selection, so no having to use your FP in order to get another one. With MaxPass you could...
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    Disneyland Resort - New Entry Gates Incoming?

    My guess they will look like the current Lightning Lane scanners. The only significant change I think they will have is some sort of facial recognition built into the scanner or will be manned by a CM who will have to take and verify photos of guests.
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    News Disneyland Magic Key Program

    About using Gift Cards to renew Magic Keys. You can use gift cards to renew, it just can't be done on the online site. You have to go to a ticket booth and renew there. I had no issues renewing my MK using gift cards at the ticket booth this past August.
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    What is the business mindset behind locking Magic Keys?

    You just answered the question. Disney knows satisfaction with the Magic Key program is poor, and people probably would leave if they felt like they could just re-join when the terms/price of the program are more favorable for the guest. Disney is leveraging the Fear of Missing out to...
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    California Adventure vs Universal Studios Hollywood

    Universal Studios Hollywood easily for me. I look at it like this, which park has the most “must do” rides that I must ride each time I visit the park in order for me to say I had a successful day. For me its: DCA: Radiator Springs Racers Incredicoaster Mission Breakout USH: Forbidden...
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    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    Xcelerator re-opened today!
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    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    All those mazes use warehouses that are exclusively built for Scary Farm mazes. Outside Scary Farm, they serve no other purpose other than to store stuff for Scary Farm inside any void spaces. For mazes that do not have a purpose built building for Scary Farm mazes, such as : Room 13...
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    News Space Mountain closing for refurbishment in September 2023

    The few lights that actually worked in the tunnel were turned on after Hyperspace Mountain this year. This has been an ongoing, and progressively getting worse, issue since before the Covid Shutdown. It's pretty embarrassing that a multi-billion dollar company can't replace a few light...
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    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    Injuries from cable snaps have happened, but like other accidents on coasters, they are extremely rare. I'll take the risk.
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    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    Blasphemy! Hydraulic Launch>>>>>>>>>>any magnetic launch. I'm so happy they are keeping it the way it is, that launch is one of the most intense coaster elements in the world.
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    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    Xcelerator is down because a part broke, and they were waiting for the manufacture to make it for them. The part has arrived at the park, and they are now working on getting the ride back up by mid-August. I was at the park this past Thursday and there were a bunch of guys working on the...
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    News Hatbox Ghost coming to Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion

    People seem to forget the casket scene in the parlor. That is the first time you see a ghost and it happens well before the seance scene.
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    Questioned for Park Hopping?

    It's to prevent ticket fraud. There are no facial recognition cameras at the front gate, the CM scanning the ticket, is also the one verifying the user of the ticket is the same person that pops up on their screen. Having a ticket/pass get locked to a park for 30 mins helps prevent people from...
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    Disneyland Fantasmic Dragon Engulfed in Flames

    This is nothing but a cost savings move. The fire provided Disney with the perfect shield to deflect any criticism towards them for not running this very expensive and labor-intensive show. The show can, and has, ran without the Dragon and fire.
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    News Walt Disney Imagineering Leaving California, Moving To Florida... EDIT: Never Mind!

    This is great news for The Walt Disney Company, they just saved $1 billion. Cutting unnecessary expenses. I'm sure this will get spun and used in the whole Reedy Creek mess.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout announced for Disney California Adventure

    The person who posted that deleted their account on Reddit. So it's likely a troll.
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    News Disneyland Magic Key Program

    You don't have the ability to add Genie+ to a Magic Key at a flat annual price like with MaxPass. Also, if you are an Imagine Keyholder your access to the park has been drastically reduced as now the entire month of December is blocked. Enchant Key Holders now have all Saturdays blocked and...
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    Questioned for Park Hopping?

    Up until 2017, Disneyland didn't have this restriction either. It was only after the two parks FastPass networks were linked together, they implemented this restriction. Before 2017 it was quite common for people to enter one park, go to an attraction get an FP, then hop to the other park to...
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    Questioned for Park Hopping?

    When a ticket is scanned, the ticket gets "locked" to the park it was scanned at for 30 mins. So if you scan in, then exit, and re-enter, or park hop within that 30 min window, the turnstile will give a "Locked- (DCA/DL)" error message. It's to prevent ticket fraud, Usually a Lead has to come...
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