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    So what's the verdict on Mears Connect?

    My son used Mears last week and hated it. They were picked up in dirty passenger vans, the one driver kept spitting out the window, neither driver made any conversation or were pleasant in any way. On the trip back to the airport, with the speaker turned way up on the radio, several of the...
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    Discounted Tickets available at Walmart?

    We purchased our park passes online through Undercover Tourist and used them 2 weeks ago. There was absolutely no problem adding them to our room card. They even asked if we wanted the park passes back as a souvenir.
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    AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    No one in my family had the slightest desire to see the blue freaks of Avatar so I can't imagine setting foot in this attraction--and I do NOT get why it should be in AK!!! Is AK not becoming the dumping ground for random ideas? It's getting to be a mish-mosh mess.
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    'Ohana for Breakfast or Dinner?

    I've done both and would definitely vote for dinner. Fewer kids and a more grown-up menu IMO.
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    Bon Voyage Toontown Fair

    So will tomorrow be the last day for T'town? Anything special planned?
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    Raglan Irish Pub - Seeking Reviews

    We've been there twice-going again on next trip. I loved my chicken dish, DS loved the fish and chips. Desserts are fabulous-especially bread/butter pudding.
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    How is Le Chefs de France?

    We've been there twice and thought it was just 'okay'. Yes, it is crowded and noisy, but that seems to be the norm at any WDW eating establishment.
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    This place is empty.

    I'm jealous! Be glad you can take advantage of the situation now, before your child is in school.
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    Via Napoli experience?

    "Yes. That would cover Vietnam or Afghanistan (choose according to age)." Why yes, you finally got it. I always measure my dining experiences against the horrors of Vietnam or Afghanistan! :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer: Whaaaaa?????
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    Via Napoli experience?

    Trotsky, Did we have a bad day today? French Quarter understood my question. Maybe this will help you. Quoting the Random House Collegiate Dictionary here: ex-pe-ri-ence n. 1.a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something. 2. knowledge gained from what one has...
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    Via Napoli experience?

    I already looked at the referenced reviews which is what got me excited about going in the first place. I was just hoping for a little more reaction.
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    Via Napoli experience?

    After getting shut out for the last 5 days for ADRs at Via Napoli in Feb., we finally scored today! Anybody been there yet and if so, how was it?
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    2011 Dining plan restaurant options

    This happens to us every year. If it's been part of the plan in the past, you can safely assume it will probably be in it again. Good luck with your booking!
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    Mission Space - On Acid

    Wouldn't want to have to work clean-up for that ride!!
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    OnLine Check In Pros /Cons

    Used it 2 weeks ago and it was a breeze. There was nobody in line in front of us, so it took about 2 minutes to check in.That said, lines are a way of life at Disney, just as they are in the grocery store. Timing is a matter of luck. Sometimes you get in the right line sometimes you don't.
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    Do most people end up adding on?

    OP here; we did it--added on 100 pts. at AKL. $$ off the points and we picked up 2009 points. I think we paid less per point than when we originally bought. Seemed too good to pass up. Hopefully we can resist temptation again for a few more years.
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    Do most people end up adding on?

    Adding 100 points to our 180 at AKL seems like a really good deal right now. Has anybody added on and regretted it?
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    Where's the Florida weather?

    I'm always amazed at how many people do not look at the weather forecasts and show up in shorts, tank tops and flip-flops, 'cause hey, it's Florida-it's ALWAYS hot! I only feel sorry for the little kids who end up looking like little Smurfs, they're so blue from the cold.
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    Where's the Florida weather?

    YEA! I'm coming down in 2 days. The weather forecasts aren't looking too great though. Trying to figure out how many layers to bring. Is it getting pretty chilly at night?
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