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    CM Discount on Annual Passes? (As of 2024)

    When my daughter was in the program seven years ago she was able to get an annual pass for herself; not us. I was hoping at the time that she could use her college program status for us to purchase additional DVC points; no dice.
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    HHN 2024

    I think the Cadillac symbol is for the Cadillac Miller Meteor Sentinel which is the Ghostbusters signature vehicle.
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    Mary Poppins now under fire for alleged racism!

    Give me a break. College need to say anything else
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    Wasted food at Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue

    I'm totally with you. If we had one spoonful of mac and cheese left they would immeditely carry over another tub. I really felt like we gorged ourselves at Hoop-Dee-Doo-Revue.
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    Ghost Busters has the juice right now

    ET is still hanging on although I don't think I've ever seen a wait time beyond 30 minutes.
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    Ghost Busters has the juice right now

    So what do you think about Universal plugging in a brand new Ghostbusters attraction ? With movies spanning from the 80's to 2024 it's a huge icon. I guess I'm just an old fart where I'd rather see a brand new GBA with today's technology. I think it would be awesome. I heard there's another...
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    Hollywood Brown Derby vs Sci-Fi Dine In Theater

    Sci Fi is a visual experience. Not a big fan of their food or their prices. If you plan on spending some cash, The Brown Derby is the place. Make sure to greet Ron at the outdoor bar. He makes a mean Long Island Iced Tea.
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    Best Restaurant in DS?

    I love the weekend brunch at Chef Al's Homecomin'. Nothing better. We're also big fans of the Boathouse. Always start off with a dozen or so raw oysters on the half shell.
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    Momma Melrose

    Food is average. Best part is probably the bread service with olive oil for dipping. I haven't looked to book anything there since the last time when we were left waiting for 25 minutes for our table which we reserved two months ahead of time. I was so mad that I didn't even order food. I just...
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    Moving to Kissimmee area

    Good luck moving to the Kissimmee area. I used to rent a 3 bedroom townhome from a friend. When leaving on one of our trips, I was loading the car at around 3:00 am. When I came out to load up more stuff, the bags that I initially put in the car were gone. This was a gated community in...
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    Behind the scenes tours still available?

    We've done the Keys to the Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom Savanah Trek. I loved both of them. Keys was really interesting touring the back lot and walking the utilidors. Ran into some characters moving through. The Trek was fantastic. We scheduled a 7:30 AM. The other group that was supposed to...
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    [Rumor] Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Olivia Rodrigo

    There will be nothing "rocking" with that coaster....
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    Halloween Horror Nights 2023

    Amen. We purchased the Express because we only go for one night and we want to get everything in. It's usually a smooth-moving line, but it was alot of standing still this year. My daughter started counting the number of RIP groups escorted through the lines led by their cast member with the...
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    Trip Report Food & Wine/Horror Nights - September

    As the day grew longer we pressed to squeeze everything in. We used our LL for RotR. I still think it's one of the best technically designed slow-ride/queue rides ever. I don't know how Disney will top it someday. Although, it is wise to have a good mix of offerings at the parks. From there, we...
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    Trip Report Food & Wine/Horror Nights - September

    Time for Mania. I don't even try anymore because I can't beat my daughter. It also kills my wrist, and if it's a hot day I end up overheating. We were moving from AKL to GF this evening for a one night stay. We also had reservations at the Boathouse so we wanted to give ourselves enough time...
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    Trip Report Food & Wine/Horror Nights - September

    My son is 21 yrs old, but he collects lots of 'stuff.' I think he has every wand from Olivanders at Universal. He has been waiting to get his own light saber for years. He finally got a reservation for this trip which we booked our park visits around. Yes, for a toy, excuse me, "collectible."...
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    Trip Report Food & Wine/Horror Nights - September

    Uh-oh. We've been spotted and I forgot my blaster back with the bags that my wife HAD to check in.
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    Trip Report Food & Wine/Horror Nights - September

    I'm not sure where we stopped to eat, but I never ate there. Was it Woody's Lunch Box ? Anyway, for some reason I wasn't in a very good mood so I sat and watched the family eat. That doesn't bother them; they're vultures. My daughter and wife raved about the toasted cheese and tomato soup. It...
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    Trip Report Food & Wine/Horror Nights - September

    This was all I could manage from Runaway Railway. We got through the queue and almost to the boarding lines when the ride stopped. Must have been a doozy because we were all escorted out in groups and given ride passes to be used that day.
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    Trip Report Food & Wine/Horror Nights - September

    After a quick on/off from ToT we headed across to Rockin' Rollercoaster. Wait time was 60 minutes so we decided to just take our chances in the single rider line. It moved steadily. My son and daughter managed to get seated together and I was seated with the dad from the other party in front of...
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