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    News Above-Normal Hurricane Season Predicted for 2024

    Look at it this way, this may be the first time Disney receives on Oscar and a Tony since 2014.
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    It's Been A While, Can I Still Get These Snacks

    I just got the magic cookie bar at Port Orleans Riverside food court 04/11/2024. It is hit or miss though, I stayed there last May and it was only available on about half the nights and is never actually listed on the menu.
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    Water bottle refill station locations across Walt Disney World Resort

    This is nice to know. I've always thought that there should be more throughout the park, pretty much anywhere there is a standard water fountain. Even at quick serve locations, rather than ask for a cup of water.
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    CM Shout-Out Thread

    I thought this deserved it's own thread! I think the overall quality of cast members has slipped in recent years, possibly due to labor hardships and the trouble it is to hire front line workers these days. However, I wanted a place, other than the My Disney experience app, to shout-out cast...
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    Doing Disney 'light'

    This might be a little off topic and don't take this wrong at all I'm just curious, what is your motivation to be an active member on a site devoted to all things Walt Disney World, yet not take a single trip since 2001? You aren't the only one I've seen on this site (maybe the longest) who...
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    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    Crowds have been lower on Holiday Weekends because unless you are an incredible passholder (priced at an unreasonable amount compared to the pixie pass) you were blocked out. For most of the last 2 years a pixie pass was all you could get and I'm sure a lot of people, like myself, bought it and...
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    Water Bridge

    Oh I was actually referencing the entire World as the above forum discusses. I'm well aware of the bridges on Disney Property.
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    RnRc Retheme?

    I agree with this thinking. This could create a nice bypass of sunset boulevard for fantasmic crowds. Could be nice to do something with the muppet labs theme even something as small as an interactive water area similar to Casey Jr's. Anything that is an addition would be welcome.
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    Water Bridge

    Does anyone know of there have been anymore developed in the World, being there was only 5 back in 2003? Such a clever idea that adds to the magic.
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    News H2O Glow After Hours Event returns to Walt Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon water park for summer 2022

    I'm missing that too. Have a trip planned for 1st week of May would hope it's open by then.
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    Hurricane Ian expected to impact Florida (updates and related discussions)

    He actually was planning on coming from Utah Tuesday just never changed his plans. Apparently he had this contemporary trip booked for a while as he was doing a series on EPCOT'S 40th. So just kind of lucked out.
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