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    Can We Limit The Size of a Backpack

    Maybe you shouldn't stand so close?
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    Anyone prefer Magic Kingdom over Disneyland?

    I have been to both parks a fair number of times (perk of living in the middle of the country I suppose). MK is no DL. The only thing MK has over DL is a larger castle. That's it.
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    Which set scenes are sacred at Storybook Land? What would you like to see?

    Don't you dare touch Mr. Toad's house!
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    Disneyland 70th Anniversary Thread - Wishlist, Rumors, Speculation, Announcements

    I just think the WDW 50th and company-wide 100th were pretty disappointing.
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    Disneyland 70th Anniversary Thread - Wishlist, Rumors, Speculation, Announcements

    The real question is, will Disneyland keep in mind how special these upcoming anniversaries are.
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    Disneyland 70th Anniversary Thread - Wishlist, Rumors, Speculation, Announcements

    You know, 2 platinum anniversaries in a row, complete with recycled character costumes, seems pretty on brand. So I'm betting on that.
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    Pixar Fest is Fun, Fun, Fun! Summer 2024 Hype Thread!

    Does Pixar make anything that isn't a sequel these days?
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    Places to see Happily Ever After projections that aren't in the midst of the crowd

    The low crowd spots don't have a view of the projections.
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    if i have an AP can i still get the dining plan..

    You can if you stay at one of the resorts.
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    DHS 35th

    I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. That seems to be the "it" word right now.
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    News 1900 Park Fare at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort reopening in April 2024

    The face palm was likely because it was only day 3. You'd think they'd have backups ready. It can't be a surprise that people get sick.
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    New DAS System at Walt Disney World 2024

    But it isn't pure economics. Disney can decide to run fewer cars and decrease labor costs by staffing at lower levels. It's not a zero sum game.
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    One lens to rule them all . . .

    I get all of that. But I think part of the consideration here is how often you are able to get to the parks and how long you have to spend on photography while you are there. Love the idea of pushing creativity with a prime, but if you don't have time to move around to adjust to a prime, or if...
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    One lens to rule them all . . .

    If I want to go with one lens, my favorite is probably my 24-105 f/4l. Great photos, reasonable range and lighter than my 2.8 alternatives. If I'm going in just for an evening, I'll use my 24-70 f/2.8. But that's heavier so don't choose it as often. Yes, I do miss the range. But it's a constant...
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    CRT reservations

    Historically if you have the dining plan, they will only use your CC as a guarantee. That said, watch closely because sometimes (shocker) they accidentally charge the whole price.
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    Candelabra No More?

    Is there some reason to think this isn't just some sort of refurbishment?
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    Tiana's Bayou Adventure: Disneyland Watch & Discussion

    Except Disney doesn't even sell those. They know the pretty yellow ball gown is much more popular.
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