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    News Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2023

    They do, but the parade route is also (relative to DL) significantly longer at MK, so the thought process is likely to get as many performers as possible offstage as scheduled.
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    News Early close for Disney’s Hollywood Studios on December 10, 2023

    Pop Warner will have buyouts this year of SeaWorld on the nights of 10/5 & 10/6
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    Blizzard Beach Parking Lot is a… Marshalling Yard?

    These trailers all have Freeman markings. Freeman provides exhibit booths and there is a large, almost all drive in conference starting Wednesday at Coronado Springs. Freeman’s facilities are about 45 minutes away from Coronado and Coronado’s marshaling yard is tiny, so I guess BB was the lucky...
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    News Happily Ever After fireworks show returning to Magic Kingdom in 2023

    As I understand it, the lasers across the property are challenging to keep up with as they don’t mix well with Florida’s weather and the team’s priorities have been moved to holiday related projects currently
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    News Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster closing for refurbishment in February 2023

    Can you imagine being the middle manager attempting to staff this thing 🤣
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    News Return of the Walt Disney World tram fleet tracker

    This was true for the parking lots of old. As the parking lots are being redone, this seems to be changing (Ex. present day EPCOT).
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    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner -

    No inside intel here, but I suppose it’s also possible that they could utilize Avenue of the Stars out near bus parking as well.
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    News Tropical Storm Nicole impacts to Walt Disney World - November 2022

    This has since been updated to reflect 12:00 PM tomorrow
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    News More EV charging stations are coming to Disney Springs - September 2022

    I think over time l, we’ll see something like the UseMyPark system that has popped up at all of Orlando’s outlet malls to provide “premium parking.” The system has a gate that you have to lower in the app to get into the spot to start with. There’s no reason that technology can’t sync with the...
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    News Cast in Bronze from 90's EPCOT is back at Walt Disney World

    One word counter-argument: Contractors. Almost all go Disney Springs’ entertainment is contractors.
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    What has happened to the place we (used to) love?

    As of today, the flight volume has nearly quadrupled what would have been at Terminal C last week with JetBlue’s domestic volume moving there.
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    WDW literally falling apart

    Imagineering is clearly the only department that underestimates how much free money guests will provide
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    News Walt Disney World Christmas holidays 2022

    As much as I absolutely love them, I’ll be shocked if they return. Even the last time they were put up, the word on the street was that they all needed to be replaced anyways. The current administration will never approve the time and money required for custom making Christmas lights.
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    Hurricane Ian expected to impact Florida (updates and related discussions)

    Also, does anyone know if the unofficially official OU/SW/Disney/Legoland meeting about reopening has taken place? Obviously, SeaWorld has announced closure, so I’m surprised we haven’t heard plans from the others
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    Hurricane Ian expected to impact Florida (updates and related discussions)

    I’m curious, do you know where Disney house ride out crews inside the parks?
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    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    Universal’s has always been a paid service and runs almost identically to Mears Connect (Also run by Mears and obviously only for the Universal hotels).
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    Significant Ground Work Happening Behind STOLport

    Recently, I’ve noticed there seems to be some clearing work and a lot of dump trucks coming in and out. Does anyone know what’s going on behind STOLport?
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    Rumor Higher Speed Rail from MCO to Disney World

    Rates did increase somewhat from contract to contract, but even at the end, the rate was considerably lower than $10/pp to Disney
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    Disney plans to build a massive dynamic art installation on International Drive

    The entire parking garage is now covered in spaceship earth lights that glow blue nightly. It certainly stands out
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