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    Disney’s Q3 FY23 Earnings Results Webcast

    Also, not everyone pays full price correct? Does Disney break out the revenue for each Verizon subscriber? I have only paid $2.99mo for Disney+ (no ads) for the past 2 years, and $1.99mo for Hulu as an add-on. I have zero intention of paying more. With tax I think I pay total $5.20 a month.
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    News Reedy Creek Improvement District and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

    It's funny, except that it's a distraction Disney doesn't need.
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    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser now available with 30 percent discount for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders

    Still too rich for my blood, but so are a lot of other experiences. At 6k it's a hard no. At around 4k I think the Starcruiser sees a significant uptick in bookings when considering the other discounts available.
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    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    I I hereby issue a directed verdict for the prosecution!
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    Rumor Pecos Bills to be rethemed?

    I don't know how I missed it for 40 years (or however long it has been around), but my family and I went to Pecos Bill's for the very first time this summer. We enjoyed it, and it was packed. We absolutely planned to return next time. Oh well.
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    News EPCOT Parking Plaza refurbishment?

    Very unfortunate. I feel like the previous names evoked a certain feeling that was carried over into the park and really embodied the old EPCOT.
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    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    If the new parking lot names at EPCOT are any indication it is clear, to your point above, that the disconnect is alive and well and will continue.
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    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    Unfortunately, I think Disney is going to overcorrect the wrong way if the Star Cruiser eventually goes the way of the Titanic. I think they will think guests do not like the LARPing concept which couldn't be further from the truth. Nobody can pay the price, and those that can and can do so...
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    Any good YouTube channels?

    Don't forget That Park Place! ;)
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    Chapek's comments - he doesn't want anyone on this board at WDW any more

    Agreed. I think people need to get away from calling Disney a luxury experience for wealthy people. At best it is a premium experience designed to appeal to the masses but is often perceived as overpriced. For it to be a luxury experience there would need to be a reduction in capacity to the...
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I don't even know what to say. All I can do is laugh and think how ridiculously long this ride has taken to open. :D
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    News EPCOT's Harmonious to be replaced with new nighttime spectacular Luminous

    Good to hear! I saw the show in June and never planned to ever see it again.
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    Any news on ILL/Genie+ after August 7?

    You're giving them waaaaay too much credit. :D That being said I would expect an announcement with EPCOT because you are right that they would now have 3 ILLs. I forget what others were saying but maybe Frozen will be moved, but after riding Rat I never need to again. They may make more money...
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    Any news on ILL/Genie+ after August 7?

    Great question. Unfortunately, I am unaware if Disney has made any announcements extending the current policy. I don't see why they wouldn't (except to make more money) considering the parks are still busy thru August based on the theme park reservation system.
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    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    I couldn't agree more. The design is horrible and other than Genie+ the rest of the app is useless from what I can tell.
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    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    My family and I tried Genie+ for the first time on Friday at EPCOT, and yesterday at Magic Kingdom. At EPCOT we got BG1 for Cosmic Rewind, used early entry for Test Track and then got a lightning lane for every remaining ride including Test Track, Rat, and FEA. Yesterday, we arrived at the...
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    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind SPOILER Thread

    I rode Cosmic Rewind this morning with family. We were lucky to get BG1. Lots of fun. It's definitely a ride most guests can get on and we had no issues with motion sickness. Also, loved how you move around in the cars. Great ride and no complaints.
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    Hoop Dee Doo?

    I attended the show last night at 6:15. It was FANTASTIC. What a fun show and for opening night it was soooo electric. Also, lots of vloggers/bloggers/and other well-known Disney folks. Lots of fun and well worth the price. It was my family's first time and it was wonderful. Highly, recommend. 👍
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    News Chapek FIRED, Iger New CEO

    This is a great Fortune Magazine photo of Chapek! I get the magazine, but not the online subscription. The title is: Disney’s business is booming—but CEO Bob Chapek is stumbling anyway and insiders worry his tough leadership style is causing too much friction
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