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  1. hsisthebest

    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    I loved FP+ it allowed me to book the newest/most popular rides 30 days in adavnce (offsite guests) for my family of 6. Then we could plan ADR and just spend the day at that park. Genie+ and ILL you are not guarnteed a ride on anything- ILL may run out, or Genie+ may not be avaiable for a...
  2. hsisthebest

    Maybe one reason folks are still going to WDW

    I'll let you know. I plan on doing a full review when I get back. We went to DL for the first time in 2022. I made a list of some top pro/cons.
  3. hsisthebest

    Maybe one reason folks are still going to WDW

    Have you seen the prices for Disneyland Paris. Cheap Cheap Cheap! We are planning 1 week in Paris with 3 days at Dianeyland/Disney Studios PLUS 1 week of touring the mountians in France. Priced it out cheaper for our family of 6 than a WDW/Universal trip staying offsisite and driving from Illlinois.
  4. hsisthebest

    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    Advanced reservations would be a plus to start convincing me to come back to WDW. It makes planning dining and park selection so much easier, especially for a biiger family (6 of us). Example: if we can get a lighthing lane for Slinky dog and MMRR, in advance, we can plan what time to arrive at...
  5. hsisthebest

    Are Disneyland or WDW fans the most stubborn about trying the "other" park?

    After 14 trip to WDW over 20 years, we finally were worn down by price, lack of amenities/perks, and overcrowding- we took a trip to DL and loved it- shorter lines, better weather, lots to do in the area (actual movie studios instead of whatever Hollywood Studios is now). Disneyland actually...
  6. hsisthebest

    Look,, if WDW is this crowded.. the OPEN A FIFTH PARK...

    Not to beat a dead horse here, (ok maybe a little)- a 5th park would not help capacity in any significant way. If all WDW had equal attendance, it would only increase capacity by 20%. It is similar to the diminishing returns of adding lanes to a highway - to go from 1 to 2 lanes can add 100%...
  7. hsisthebest

    News Walt Disney Company plans to spend $17 billion at Walt Disney World over the next ten years

    Look man, I want to be excited about this, but we have watched TWDC send 1 billion+ each on New Fantasyland, Avatarland, Star Wars, RFIC/Magic Bands all resulting in longer lines and a painful ride reservation system. I hope this 17 billion will help allieviate some of the current downsides of...
  8. hsisthebest

    Will a new ride be announced for the resort in 2023?

    It's not really taking it off track- WDW has issues with outdated/mediocre rides and lands that are stagnant. Uni has some of the same issues but at least tries: Back to the future is upgraded to Simpsons while Carousel of Progress languishes, Hulk gets a new track and ride system while Space...
  9. hsisthebest

    Will a new ride be announced for the resort in 2023?

    You're not wrong. My family of 6 hasn't been to WDW since 2018. We had a great trip to DL in 2022. In 2025 I'm going to be a "shut up and take my money" guest at UNI. I'm currently trying to convince my family to not step on WDW property on the upcoming trip.
  10. hsisthebest

    A return trip after a few years away

    There are many offsite resorts that are a short trip into the parks. I would recommend renting a car as many hotel/resort shuttle services are only offered at certain times or only drop-off/pickup at the TTC. A phone with GPS makes it easy to navigate Disney property. We stayed at the Caribe...
  11. hsisthebest

    Space Mountain Refurbishment for Walt Disney World?

    Reason #584 - why I'm not reutrning to WDW for the forseeable future: Space Mountian. The fact that SM has not been refurbished with new tracks and cars (that would most likely load and unload faster) is further evidence that WDW is not a quailty product for the price. I agree with the above...
  12. hsisthebest

    Space Mountain Refurbishment for Walt Disney World?

    I rode it for the first time ever this past June. Like many rides in DL, it was often offline, but we did manage to get on with Genie+. It was rough and hard to get in and out of the cars (I am 43 and in pretty good shape). The ride was fun as anything though- full of nostalgia and lots of...
  13. hsisthebest

    News Holiday crowds at Walt Disney World theme parks 2022

    Meanwhile at Universal only one ride (with an excellent queue to pass the time) has a 90 minute wait. (5:00 p.m est) (from laughingplace) Curious George Goes to Town℠ Open Despicable Me Minion Mayhem™ 60 minutes E.T. Adventure™ 25 minutes Fast & Furious – Supercharged™ 20 minutes...
  14. hsisthebest

    Walt Disney World Vacation Affordability Survey

    This survey and others like it continue to focus soley on "affordability." I can totally afford a Disney trip- it's what I get for that money that keeps me from going. Example: I can afford Genie+ for my family of 6, but it's a terrible system that doesn't guarantee a ride on anything and could...
  15. hsisthebest

    WSJ: Disney Downtime increases as cost of visiting goes up

    We went to DL this past June. Overall it was a much better experience than current WDW, but there was a lot of ride downtime. Space Mountian, Indy, Cars, and the Grizzly River run were down at least as much as they were up. The app helped a lot though- we sprinted to Space as soon as the app...
  16. hsisthebest

    News Park specific pricing will join date based pricing for single day Disney World park tickets

    At this point, there should be sociology majors studying the behaviors of people who would pay these prices for such a crowded and hot vacation. We went to DL this past summer- it was so much more laid back and the crowds started and finished small every day. I'm planning on a trip to DL Paris...
  17. hsisthebest

    What if you owned the Disney Parks?

    #1 Refurbs: New Space Mountain Track, Wheel of Time, Fix the Yeti, fix everything on Splash with the Princess retheme, redo most of Spaceship Earth. #2 Add capacity- big rides small rides, fast rides. slow rides, people eaters, moving walkways- anything that can be an attraction. Make it much...
  18. hsisthebest

    News Disney domestic theme park attendance now at 2019 levels with per capita spending up 40 percent

    I miss WDW less and less every time I visit this blog. NO desire to go back anytime in the next 5+ years. Big crowds to 40% more to have the same fun as 2019? No thanks. Evidently millions are willing to pay for this and enjoy the crowds. More power to you.
  19. hsisthebest

    Why I may not go again

    I have no plans on visiting WDW in the near or not so near future. We went last in 2018. We are doing DL/DCA for the first time ever this year- and it seems TONS of people are doing the same. After that, we may book trips to Orlando and do everything but Disney. For a number of reasons, WDW is...
  20. hsisthebest

    News Reedy Creek Improvement District and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

    The only way I would see this in front of the Federal Supreme Court is if Disney did sue over violation of the 1st Amendment. Otherwise this is a State issue that would be argued up through state courts. As a side note, I do not think Disney would win a 1st Amendment infringement argument- they...
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