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    What if half our party is early for an ADR, but the other half late?

    They will it seat you unless the whole party is there.. If they are late but you check in you may lose your ressie time BUT your name will be at the top of the list.. We did that last week at prime time.. We were 30 late getting to our aft at 50s cuz if Fantasmic but they were able to seat us as...

    Breakfast: Which Cafe? Kona Cafe or Whispering Canyon Cafe

    We did kona for breakfast and WCc for lunch this past trip... I really liked WCc our server wasn't into the antics though.. To save time we just took a cab from POR to WL..only 10 minute ride Only cost us 13.70 for 6 of us! That way we didn't rush to our ressie.. Then we took the boat back to mk...

    Making BoG FP

    What time does the window open?

    Fastpass plus reservation for BOG in November

    Check now people stereotyping they can book up to nov 10

    iOS 8 and My Disney Experience

    Yep.. Using it right now.. Everything is there

    Pop Century Room Availability Question

    I tried adding another day to my ressie that I booked the first day free dining was released.. Nope.. Couldn't do it.. I could just do the one night room only though

    Possible DLR trip and questions....

    When you say late August for closure? I am planning around the 19-21st.. Is there a chance it might be closed then? Please so no!

    A Thank You from Walt Disney World!!

    Yep... We got one two weeks after we left in August.. This was the first one we have received. It was very cute!

    Aug 2012- the good , the sad and Oy!

    After so long we had to leave Epcot and head back to POR to rest and freshen up before LaNouba. We kind rushed through DTD to get to LaNouba because the boat was kinda full and had to wait a bit. We ate dinner at the resort. I had the fish, DS and mom had the pasta. Pretty good BUT later in the...

    Aug 2012- the good , the sad and Oy!

    So in July I booked my airfare and we were set. Two wonderful weeks to play in the florida sun and get some work done around the house to get it ready for market... Mom had a credit from the cruise her and nanny had to cancel so she told me she wanted to go to Disney! Of course! I was planning...

    Aug 2012- the good , the sad and Oy!

    Howdy Folks! Well its been over two weeks since we have been back from the world. As you know I go every summer about this time to visit my mom and my Nana. Unfortunately this trip was much different. The good (backstory): Back in March Mom had here 3rd aortic valve replacement. She had the...

    Popcorn Bucket ?

    The animal kingdom had different buckets than the mk... The studios have a R2D2 popcorn bucket!!! Bought one! My buddy got me a snowman Mickey mouse last year at the MCMCP!

    Olympians at MK?

    Hmmmm interesting! Thanks!

    A Celebration Of All Things Star Wars, But Mostly Disney: An August 2012 PTR!

    Have you been to the convention before? I noticed it started the last full day we are in florida and I think my 12 year old would love it!...Seriously thinking about it.....

    Complimentary park wide WiFi now available in the Magic Kingdom

    woo hoo... I see twitter updates and facetiming with jealous coworkers in my future.....

    Olympians at MK?

    I know this is a little early but do you think MK will have a parade for the Olympians once the London 2012 Olympics are over? If so when do you think that may be? The reason I am asking is because I will be down at the world from 11-14 and I think the Olympics are concluded on the 12th. Just...

    August 2012 Roll Call!!

    Booked POR last night! Whoop Whooop! My mom first had ressie at the Wyndam Palace in DTD..talked her out of that and booked POR with her florida resident discount....9 days baby!

    Free Dining RUMORED to Return in the Fall/Winter

    My work buddy (who is also a Disney fan) has already booked his DVC for November at BLT..Since they have to do that 11 months out.. His dates in Nov are eligible for free dining.. How does that work for him? Would he just have to purchase the tickets to get the free dining? I know he would love...

    Planning our Disney Trip around the World

    I agree with an earlier post.... I would start at Disneyland and then go west from there. I live on the east coast and actually have thought about this myself....Start it where it all began at Disneyland, then hop over the Pacific (can you be more pacific? no I'll be atlantic...sorry couldnt...

    Free Dining credits

    Chinese Proverb" Happy Wife= Happy Wife" :ROFLOL:
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