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  1. JimboJones123

    Body Wars 2016 Update

    A lot of harm? Copycats?? Not sure whatever other harm may have been done. People asking CMs questions about it? Doesn't seem too harmful.
  2. JimboJones123

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    Does registration start at noon EST on the 14th?
  3. JimboJones123

    WDW Cancels all Run Disney Events for Tomorrow 1/7/17 including Half Marathon

    Why is the gift card option lame? If you have a celebration dinner reservation, it is now paid for plus. Lots of races just say SoL! I think all options are very generous of Disney.
  4. JimboJones123

    3 Train Operation 12/20

    I saw a WDW train car pulled around on a semi on hey 50 today making its way back to property. It was kind of neat seeing it coming down the highway.
  5. JimboJones123

    2016 Christmas Week Phase Closing watch

    MK was shockingly dead on the 23rd. Crowds like any non-hard ticket Friday night until fireworks, but with it open until midnight and other parks open late, after 9:00, it started turning into a ghost town pretty quick. The 23rd is usually the latest we would ever bother to go to MK on...
  6. JimboJones123

    Annual Passholder/ Ticket Changes 2016

    The lack of CS discount is insane. I NEVER ate in the parks when I had an AP due to lack of discount. Give a 20% CS discount like Disneyland, and I would spend an extra $1000 easily annually.
  7. JimboJones123

    Disney Springs to get new signs

    The purple signs in general are tired and 90s leftovers.
  8. JimboJones123

    CM 40% Holiday Merchandise Discount is Active

    That is also hard to do when there are 5 of you.
  9. JimboJones123

    CM 40% Holiday Merchandise Discount is Active

    I still do not understand the lack of dining discounts to CMs. We would eat on property all the time for 20%-25% off CS. Instead, we make it a point to eat off site every single time before heading out to the parks. Snacks as well. I intentionally do not buy a soda unless I am getting it...
  10. JimboJones123

    CM 40% Holiday Merchandise Discount is Active

    I was a bit shocked to find my 40% holiday discount already up and running this weekend. Take that to mean what you will.....
  11. JimboJones123

    Halloween Party

    These holiday parties are such an incredible scam. It is shocking how many cast members that normally get free entry show up every year. Even more shocking, those that go almost every (if not every) single MNSSHP night.......
  12. JimboJones123

    Steven Tyler No Longer "Loves" That Idea, He Only "Likes" It

    This is the same ride where a roller coaster train goes through the hole of a donut, isn't it? Thai Tacos...... The attraction is littered with sexual references.
  13. JimboJones123

    Norway Pavilion Frozen construction - Frozen Ever After ride (Part 2)

    There was some soft opening runs on the 15th. Guests were being guided backstage to ride. Not my group though.....sad face...
  14. JimboJones123

    Fun With Numbers: MK Maingate Blackout Edition

    I, for one, am thrilled that we can actually visit MK this summer. Last summer was a real bummer visiting the other parks but having MK blocked the whole time. It forced us to use our Sea World and Busch Gardens passes far more than we intended, thus spending quite a bit more cash there as...
  15. JimboJones123

    Star Wars Launch Bay coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios later this year

    You might not, but Traitor is the greatest Star Wars book ever written. It is a great sci if book without even being a Star Wars book.
  16. JimboJones123

    Fun With Numbers: MK Maingate Blackout Edition

    The block for Sunday was just lifted today. So, only 3 of the days lifted today were outside the window.
  17. JimboJones123

    Fun With Numbers: MK Maingate Blackout Edition

    That is actually a smart observation. Keep those complaints down.
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