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  1. tired_photog

    Rumors. Musings. Casual.

    Since Star Tours is already kind of on its own being outside of Galaxy’s Edge, I think re-theming it to Family Guy Star Wars would be amazing.
  2. tired_photog

    News Early Theme Park Entry and Extended Evening Hours coming for resort guests

    Was really disappointed during our trip 2 weeks ago that World Showcase at Epcot basically shuts down for Extended Evening Hours. Only the attractions stay open. No shopping, no restaurants. Was really looking forward to a couple hours of non-crowded World Showcase.
  3. tired_photog

    Gasparilla late dinner?

    Anyone know how late you can still order off the regular dinner menu at Gasparilla Grill at the GF? It shows that it is open until midnight however it also shows a "late night" menu that removes all of the burgers, sandwiches and flatbreads. I'm not checking in until after 11pm but would still...
  4. tired_photog

    Any Bounce Back Sightings?

    Just received a 35% bounce back code this morning and our trip is still 11 days away. Never gotten one that early before.
  5. tired_photog

    Beaches & Cream back to the Poly question

    Yeah, Disney Springs and Epcot both close at 11. Studios close at 9 unless they end up extending hours for New Years. Looks like it's a Minnie Van for us.
  6. tired_photog

    Beaches & Cream back to the Poly question

    Have a late reservation at Beaches & Cream on New Year's Day. Any idea how my family might be able to get back to the Polynesian possibly as late as midnight? Faced a similar situation 2 years ago and was lucky to find a bus driver who had mercy on us and drove us back to the Riviera after the...
  7. tired_photog

    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    This might be a sign of soft bookings for 2024... I went on the WDW site last week researching a vacation for July '24 but did not book it. Today I got a survey from Disney asking why I didn't book the trip I priced out last week. I've researched WDW trips for the past 15 years and I've never...
  8. tired_photog

    Is Chef Mickey's worth is for a buffet dinner?

    If your children are of a certain age (5 to 10?) it is truly a magical dining experience. After that point it's time to move on. Way too pricy for the quality of food you get. Same applies to Crystal Palace.
  9. tired_photog

    Christmas 2024. AKL or Boardwalk Inn? First Holiday trip.

    You will not be disappointed in the Christmas decorations! This picture is from last year, I think WL is the only resort we’ve stayed at with better Christmas decor. 🎄
  10. tired_photog

    News Shiki-Sai: Sushi Izakaya to open in EPCOT this summer

    That's what I really liked about Tokyo Dining. The sushi rolls were pretty reasonably priced for a Disney restaurant with a great view of World Showcase Lagoon.
  11. tired_photog

    AKL savanna view… blown away!

    We were on 3rd floor (room 3319). The way AKL is laid out the lobby is also on the 3rd floor so I found it to be a very convenient location.
  12. tired_photog

    Recommendation for quiet onsite resort room...but not too far from things?

    I was surprised at how quiet Riviera was when we stayed there last March. The non-feature pool was mostly empty and Primo Piatto, the quick service restaurant was also pleasantly uncrowded compared to some of the busier resorts we’ve stayed at. And best of all it’s on the Skyliner route. I’d...
  13. tired_photog

    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    If you want an example of how fast they can build DVC take a look at the rapid progress on the new DVC tower at Disneyland Hotel. It seems to be pretty similar in size to the Poly tower. They began clearing ground in April ‘21 and it is scheduled to open later this year. 📸:
  14. tired_photog

    AKL savanna view… blown away!

    I’ve never stayed at Kidani but we did make the walk over to the Samawati Springs pool from the main pool at Jambo House and was surprised how long the walk felt. Time is the most valuable thing on a Disney vacation and I think making that walk multiple times during a stay would just be too...
  15. tired_photog

    AKL savanna view… blown away!

    …and if you’ve ever wondered if any animals are out on the savanna after nightfall the answer is yes! This photo taken with a new iPhone 14 Pro in “night mode” clearly shows 2 zebras and an antelope about 2 hours after sunset outside our room.
  16. tired_photog

    AKL savanna view… blown away!

    19 animals in this one photo! Checked into a savanna view room at Animal Kingdom Lodge for the first time ever today and I’m completely blown away. For people questioning whether it’s worth the extra $$ I can’t begin to explain how impressive it really is.
  17. tired_photog

    Buena Vista Palace Epcot fireworks view?

    Anyone here ever stayed at the Hilton Buena Vista Palace Disney Springs and booked the Epcot fireworks view room? Is it worth the extra money? We are staying 2 nights while in town for the Citrus Bowl and are hoping to catch New Year's fireworks without going to the parks. I realize Epcot is...
  18. tired_photog

    Riviera first time stay

    I agree with you on the Polynesian Villas. I think they have the best room layout when traveling with older teens. Sinks and showers in both bathrooms give it a slight edge over Riviera.
  19. tired_photog

    Riviera first time stay

    We did a split stay with 3 nights at the Riviera in March. I was really pleased with the resort. We also traveled with 2 teenagers so we were looking for 3 beds. The Deluxe Studio rooms are good size with a murphy bed and fold down bed under the tv for the kids. Wish it had sinks in both...
  20. tired_photog

    WDW Answer to Hagrid's/VelociCoaster

    Yes! Navi with 2 drops (like DL Pirates) would have made that ride perfect.
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