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  1. RickEff

    Quick Resale Question

    You couldn't use your SSR points to book anywhere other than SSR at the 11 month mark. Unfortunately, each contract number is specific to the resort for purposes of the booking window.
  2. RickEff

    New Castaway Club Gift

    Okay - here's the fold-out photo book. I think it's for Gold members only since we didn't get this with the silver bag (just the magnet in that one) I have four pictures of it. Closed, opened up (it's a fold out with a hanger) then two close ups of the pages. They're little portholes from...
  3. RickEff

    New Castaway Club Gift

    Here's the picture of the gold bag. Inside was a magnetic whiteboard with dry erase markers. Many people had them outside their cabin doors and wrote where they were at the time, or Holiday Messages, etc. I saw one who put a Disney Trivia Question of the day and left the marker for people to...
  4. RickEff

    New Castaway Club Gift

    They are indeed based on the level of Castaway membership. We just came back from a back to back 4/3 day cruise. On the 4 day we were silver members and got the silver bag - on the 3 day we were gold and have the gold bag! Platinum members get a black bag.
  5. RickEff

    Best Way to pay....

    I'm in Canada so maybe things are a little easier, but I too got frustrated with the additional 2.5% credit cards place on exchange rates. We opened a US funds saving account and our bank also has a US funds visa card. It's still a Canadian bank - but the charges are in US dollars. We put...
  6. RickEff

    Door decorations

    Congratulations! We buy magnets from every port we stop at and used to put them on our doors. On our second to last cruise, we had two stolen from our door. They were both from our Alaskan cruise so they were hard to replace (we did though!) Since then we don't put anything that would be...
  7. RickEff

    So what's the consensus on California Grill?

    I'll have to let you know a week Sunday!
  8. RickEff

    Onboard Booking Question

    Thanks to you both. Now...all I have to do is convince my better half....
  9. RickEff

    Onboard Booking Question

    Hi, folks! We're going on a cruise in a couple of weeks, and as always will book a placeholder cruise to take advantage of the 10% discount and onboard credit. However, we're thinking of doing a family cruise including Susan's son and his girlfriend and their two kids in February 2015. I...
  10. RickEff

    I need to vent!!

    I've been on Carnival and Disney so far - and soon will be going on Royal Caribbean. It's always been without children travelling with us. Now, most of my experience has been with Disney and the Carnival Cruise was the worst experience of any vacation I've ever taken (to the point that we said...
  11. RickEff

    Going for Gold!

    Hi, folks! We're going on a 4-day / 3-day back-to-back cruise in a few weeks on the Dream! We're excited because after this we'll have been on all of the Disney Ships. After the first segment of the cruise, we'll be gold members for the 3-day portion. Are there any activities / advantages...
  12. RickEff

    How much money?

    Also - spa, laundry, childcare (I think for 3 and under there is a fee) and photos.
  13. RickEff

    What was your favorite cruise & why.

    Without a doubt, Alaska on Disney Wonder.
  14. RickEff

    Who should I book my first Disney Cruise with?

    Fourth! edit: Okay - Fifth!
  15. RickEff

    DVC Activation code......

    Welcome Home!
  16. RickEff

    Resale Question

    We purchased our points directly from Disney years ago, but probably wouldn't now. It's just too expensive compared to the resales. When looking at the point values for cruises and Adventures by Disney, they're cost prohibitive anyway (way too many points) so it's not something I'd personally...
  17. RickEff

    Cruise without children??

    We've been on 4 7-day cruises on Disney, all without Children. We're doing another in December without any kids too! Looking at planning one including The Little Princess (grand-daughter) in early 2015 though!
  18. RickEff

    PhotoPass Plus question

    Hey, folks I searched the forum and couldn't (easily) find an answer to my question. Sorry if it's been answered before, but please indulge me. Last year we used Photopass plus for the Granddaughter's first visit. We felt it was worth the value especially since we got digital pictures from...
  19. RickEff

    Couple of questions...

    Honestly - I don't find that Disney cares much about the formality of Formal night. I wouldn't wear Jeans and a T-shirt, but suits, ties, jackets - I see lots of people in there without them. I'm also not big into formal wear on vacation (I have enough of that in real life@) so I typically...
  20. RickEff

    Wi-Fi prices on the Dream

    I'd ask for a confirmation email too!
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