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  1. Clarissa McDaniel

    Magic Kingdom dining help

    Crystal Palace Pecos Bills Columbia Harbour House Casey's
  2. Clarissa McDaniel

    Does the time of day make a big difference for Sci Fi Dine In?

    It's always night inside the SciFi! Been for both lunch and dinner and the atmosphere was the exact same. Enjoy!
  3. Clarissa McDaniel

    hoop-dee doo revue worth it?

    Absolutely love HDDR! The food is good but the show and atmosphere are great. Been several times and will go back any chance I get.
  4. Clarissa McDaniel

    Favorite Snacks

    Mickey Ice Cream Popcorn Pretzels Churros Mickey Rice Krispies
  5. Clarissa McDaniel

    Best Places To Eat In Magic Kingdom?

    Casey's Corner, Columbia Harbour House, Crystal Palace
  6. Clarissa McDaniel

    Where do your children enjoy eating in Epcot?

    Garden Grill! Love it! Great character interactions. Cool rotating restaurant. Good food.
  7. Clarissa McDaniel

    BOG Dinner

    I've never been impressed with the food at BOG. Dinner does have a slightly different ambiance and it is neat to get to meet Beast.
  8. Clarissa McDaniel

    Nachos Rio Grande Challenge at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn

    To each their own. If someone wants to pay $90 for vegetables and the experience, more power to them.
  9. Clarissa McDaniel

    Most Relaxing Ride?

    MK: Train, POTC, HM, PeopleMover, COP, Jungle Cruise Epcot: Living with the Land, Ellen's Energy Adventure (Always nap on this one), Seas with Nemo, Three Caballeros, Spaceship Earth AK: Train HS: GMR
  10. Clarissa McDaniel

    Haunted Mansion Restaurant

    Love the idea of a Haunted Mansion restaurant! Happy haunts as wait staff. Madam Leota at the host stand or providing entertainment inside. Hoping this rumor is true!
  11. Clarissa McDaniel

    What's your do-not-miss restaurant?

    From your list, I would pick Sci-Fi. Garden Grill is a fun, no princess, character dining experience in a restaurant that rotates!
  12. Clarissa McDaniel

    Favorite buffet

    Breakfast buffet at Crystal Palace is definitely a winner!
  13. Clarissa McDaniel

    Thoughts on Character Breakfasts

    Crystal Palace has a yummy buffet character breakfast.
  14. Clarissa McDaniel

    hoop-dee-doo VS mickeys backyard bbq

    Hands down, Hoop Dee Doo! Great food and entertainment.
  15. Clarissa McDaniel

    Your favorite breakfast spots at WDW?

    Love breakfast at Crystal Palace. Great breakfast buffet. Neat building. Yes it is a character meal but it's still fun to see the characters as an adult. Bonus if you can get a reservation before park open. Nothing quite like strolling down an empty Main Street!
  16. Clarissa McDaniel

    Non park dining must do's?

    Hoop Dee Doo and Chef Mickey's
  17. Clarissa McDaniel

    What's your favorite restaurant in WDW?

    It's tough to pick just one, but if I have to I'll go with Garden Grill
  18. Clarissa McDaniel

    Bfast Buffet

    I've had breakfast at both. I prefer breakfast at Crystal Palace. I feel like there are way more options at CP than AH.
  19. Clarissa McDaniel

    What attraction would you like to work at?

    Tower of Terror Great Movie Ride Jungle Cruise Haunted Mansion
  20. Clarissa McDaniel

    Dream Job

    Oh so many jobs I'd like to do at Disney Jungle Cruise Skipper Tower of Terror Bellhop Great Movie Ride Host Haunted Mansion Maid VIP Guide Friend of ___________ Any aspects of the live stage shows
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