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  1. BasiltheBatLord

    Disneyland Fantasmic Dragon Engulfed in Flames

    So it's just permanent B-mode? Incredibly lame. Never thought we'd see the day where WDW had the better Fantasmic.
  2. BasiltheBatLord

    Is It Wrong That I'm A Bit Jealous Of Tokyo Disneyland?

    This is just my opinion, but Disneyland and Magic Kingdom being the original concept parks and being located in America both count for a lot. Disney castle parks are fundamentally American creations. They owe their entire DNA to American culture and experience. As a result, even though many of...
  3. BasiltheBatLord

    Is It Wrong That I'm A Bit Jealous Of Tokyo Disneyland?

    Grass is always greener. I would take Disneyland over TDL or WDW over TDR any day of the week. OLC certainly has Disney beat on show quality and maintenance though (and customer service, although that's just a general Japan thing).
  4. BasiltheBatLord

    What is the best ride you have ever been on?

    PotC (DL) and Splash Mountain (WDW) are my two favorites ever. The best attraction of the 21st century for me is easily Rise of the Resistance.
  5. BasiltheBatLord

    Rumor Disney 100: Great Moments with Uncle Walt to Replace Mr. Lincoln

    This feels a bit weird/creepy to me, but I think more interesting is what this says about the rumors that Disney was trying to run away from Walt's image.
  6. BasiltheBatLord

    Miscellaneous Tokyo Thoughts

    Got walked off Center of the Earth tonight. A very cool experience.
  7. BasiltheBatLord

    Tokyo Disneyland Resort Expansion

    I was at TDS today and there were a huge amount of people (plain clothes, not CMs) in Fantasy Springs past the planters. Are they friends/family of cast members?
  8. BasiltheBatLord

    Wreck-It Ralph Attraction Coming to TDL in 2026

    It would really shock me if Star Wars ever came to TDR on the level of Galaxy's Edge. Not that Star Wars is an unknown property in Japan, but there is really not the same level of demand or devotion for the franchise that you see in the U.S. Star Tours is frequently a walk-on here. Not to...
  9. BasiltheBatLord

    New Tomorrowland. Is this the year it finally gets announced?

    Buzz Lightyear replacement announced!!! ....For Tokyo Disneyland
  10. BasiltheBatLord

    Wreck-It Ralph Attraction Coming to TDL in 2026

    Anyone see this coming? Replacing Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, which is closing in October 2024. It looks screen-based. Official website posting
  11. BasiltheBatLord

    Miscellaneous Tokyo Thoughts

    Bigger news! Country Bear Jamboree Vacation Hoedown is returning to TDL for the first time since pre-pandemic. Running May 17-November 7
  12. BasiltheBatLord

    Miscellaneous Tokyo Thoughts

    For anyone wondering, this announcement was the limited time summer offerings. Get Wet Max versions of Splash Mountain and Aquatopia along with limited time merch and food and a Baymax cavalcade. More info here:
  13. BasiltheBatLord

    Miscellaneous Tokyo Thoughts

    Any sources on these (even if you can't share them) or is this all just speculation?
  14. BasiltheBatLord

    Disneyland Project/Rumor Tracker

    Updates More details on Avatar experience, including first concept art and location rumors Added preliminary approval of DisneylandForward by Anaheim City Council Added new shops coming to Critter Country alongside Tiana's Bayou Adventure Added Autopia electrification by fall 2026 Removed TV...
  15. BasiltheBatLord

    Tokyo Disneyland Resort Expansion

    Space Mountain 2.0 is next. Aside from that, I haven't heard any rumors for what's after that, aside from the speculation about an eventual Splash Mountain replacement. There has been sightline testing balloons spotted behind Rivers of America in the past.
  16. BasiltheBatLord

    Original Alice in Wonderland Ride

    Thanks for this informative post. I've ridden Tokyo's Snow White many, many times and never knew that (and also spent a lot of time sitting in the mines as the ride always backs up there).
  17. BasiltheBatLord

    News Avatar Experience coming to Disneyland

    This is fascinating in that speaks a lot to Japan as a country in general. A lot of things about Japan are great, but the country has been almost totally stagnant since the bubble burst in the ‘90s and there is deep resistance to change and modernization. There are many places in Japan...
  18. BasiltheBatLord

    News Avatar Experience coming to Disneyland

    Undeniable though that there is an intense Disney fandom among young Japanese women, and the park’s internals show that. But anyway I’m getting this thread too off topic.
  19. BasiltheBatLord

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    Yikes, I think that is the most generic name I've ever seen for a major theme park. My immediate thought was it sounded like something ChatGPT would come up with.
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