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    Whispering Canyon Reviews?

    Don't go "in between" meal times. Lunch and dinner service are both excellent, but when we went this past trip around 3:00, there was almost nobody in the restaurant and the atmosphere was kind of dead. The servers did their best but people just weren't really getting into it.
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    Biggest ripoff at WDW?

    I don't know why so many people are getting offended that some people think certain things aren't worth the price that Disney charges. Disney has every right to charge what they do, and we can choose whether or not to pay for it. I was just curious as to what people consider those things that...
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    Test of time movies

    I don't know that music or being "Disney" has much to do with it whatsoever. Think about some of the all-time classic films. The Godfather, Casablanca, The Sound of Music, Animal House, and Toy Story are about as different as films could possibly be, yet they're all regarded as some of the...
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    Rare Characters Question

    That's an awesome page. I've never even heard of some of those characters. I really wish there was somewhere to see Steamboat Willie besides Fantasmic.
  5. W seems to be slipping...
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    Biggest ripoff at WDW?

    Actually no. I've been one of the most adamant defenders of Disney in a number of threads, which has gotten me flamed repeatedly by the "Fix the Magic" folks, one of which I am not. I was merely thinking about a recent experience I had with a bratty little girl (not to say that all BBB patrons...
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    Rare Characters Question

    Is there a Dumbo costume?
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    General questions for CM's

    I don't know the exact answers to these but I know from other threads that the answers to questions like these are different for different "tiers" of CM. Unless I'm mistaken, it seems to be that hourly CM's with 15+ years of service, along with Management and Professionals, get slightly...
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    Biggest ripoff at WDW?

    Thought this might be fun... What part of your WDW vacation to you find to be the biggest ripoff? Could be something that you would never ever consider paying for (like V+A's) or something that you pay for and absolutely hate (like parking). I'll start with Bibbidy Bobbidi Boutique. To me...
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    'It's Tough to be a Bug' closing for refurbishment in August

    Saying "EE is better with the yeti in A-mode" is perfectly reasonable. It's much different than saying "EE blows when the yeti isn't in A-mode." You lose a lot of people when you take your beef to that extreme. Your logic implies that a roller coaster is only enjoyable when it has a...
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    Monsters, Inc. Hollywood Studios rumor

    I've been trying to think of how to phrase this exact sentiment for months, so thank you. This is why the perception that DHS is half-day park is so popular. If you went to DHS and did American Idol, Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, One Man's Dream, Lights Motors Action, Backlot...
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    General questions for CM's

    I was thinking we could start a thread for any questions people have for cast members that are general in nature and not particularly worthy of their own thread. For starters, I was wondering the following: 1) Do CM's get a discount in D23 memberships? 2) Do CM's have access to EMH? (I...
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    Purchase Fastpasses online Prior to visit

    The reason the suggested plan doesn't sit completely well with me is exactly what you said. The current system of fastpasses already does allow people who prepare and plan to make the most of their vacation, and I'm not sure that this will make things any better. It just seems like it's an...
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    Everything Right with "The World"

    I just got back from my honeymoon and had my first experience with the tour groups (particularly the Brazilians). There was one rude group who felt the need to cut half of the fastpass line to meet up with their friends, but other than that they were all very well-behaved. There was nothing...
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    Resort Merchandise diminishing?

    Haven't really read the thread but the following specific merchandise was available at Old Key West from July 10-17: 3 men's t-shirts (one on clearance) 2 women's t-shirts (one on clearance) 1 Unisex hoodie Two trading pins (one limited edition) Pin trading/card holding lanyard Mug...
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    Purchase Fastpasses online Prior to visit

    While it could certainly work in principle, the transition period would be chaos. There would likely be a steep learning curve for those of us who already know how to "do Disney" under the current system, and I feel like the poor souls who already wait 2+ hours for TSMM would be completely screwed.
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    July 2011 Disneymoon (with wedding photos)

    We brought toiletries with us (hence the 67 pound suitcase at the airline check-in), and I think they would have provided extra soap or shampoo but we would have had to request it. They also said I had the option to change to "full service" mousekeeping for an additional charge. "Additional...
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    Getting a Part Time Job at Disney?

    One of the first questions you get asked on the hourly CM application is "Have you applied for a job with WDW in the past six months?" If the answer is yes, you can't apply again.
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    Anyone else get giddy looking at FLE?

    The meat-and-potatoes stuff that's going in FLE doesn't particularly excite me either, but actually seeing the construction feels great.
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    Anyone else get giddy looking at FLE?

    Just a quick thought for anyone has been to the parks recently... When I saw what was visible for FLE over the wall I was absolutely thrilled. It was mainly a very far off view of Beast's Castle and bunch of rock work but the space is really a ton bigger than I pictured from looking at the maps...
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