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  1. epcotWSC

    News The Art of Shaving to permanently close at Disney Springs

    AOS is overpriced and tried to capitalize on the move of many over the past 15 years or so to return to traditional (less expensive) shaving methods (double edge or straight edge). There are so many cheaper options online and a store is kind of pointless. Also, these days it's more acceptable to...
  2. epcotWSC

    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    We went last November for the first time since COVID. I think the only meals that we felt were worthwhile that were Disney owned were Sebastian's (probably our best meal overall), Whispering Canyon (it's honestly pretty average BBQ, but atmosphere and all you can eat made it worthwhile), and...
  3. epcotWSC

    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    And speaking of food, the quality of food certainly feels that way at the vast majority of restaurants.
  4. epcotWSC

    News Bob Iger talks about attendance declines, ticket pricing, the feud with Ron DeSantis, and his huge optimism for Disney Parks and Resorts

    All depends. Disney is assuming that long distance travelers are staying on site and consuming all that is Disney. We know that's not necessarily true. People can stay offsite, dine offsite, shop offsite, go to Universal and other parks, etc. Locals who are close enough to make a day trip pose a...
  5. epcotWSC

    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    Makes sense if they truly want to gauge and restrict crowds on those days. Most of all I'm still waiting on them allowing 14 days to use all tickets again rather than this nonsensical tiered approach based on how many days you buy. Anyone who takes long trips via DVC (for example) is forced to...
  6. epcotWSC

    News The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors Extends Robert A. Iger’s Contract as CEO Through 2026

    All they had to do was take the best aspects of the extended universe and make movies from it. I've never read the stuff, but I've read snippets about the storylines and they seem compelling enough. At least they would have had a blueprint of where to take the stories and some source material to...
  7. epcotWSC

    News Chapek FIRED, Iger New CEO

    I mean if I was 63 and just walked away from my job with tens of millions of dollars, I'd probably just retire and never work another day... And seeing how no one has heard from him, he probably took the same route.
  8. epcotWSC

    Rumor New Orleans Mini-Land and "Reimagined" Country Bear Jamboree

    It wouldn't surprise me if this were Epcot we were talking about.
  9. epcotWSC

    Joe Earley Named President, Direct-to-Consumer, Disney Entertainment

    I guess instead of going to theatres they go to consumers Earley?
  10. epcotWSC

    Asad Ayaz Named The Walt Disney Company’s First-Ever Chief Brand Officer

    Besides Encanto, what was the last culturally relevant new Disney property? And how are the fandoms feeling about Marvel and Star Wars over the last few years (btw, when was the last Star Wars theatrical release)? Maybe that's why they got a brand repair man.
  11. epcotWSC

    Disney World Planning is far too complicated (CNBC article)

    IMO, the easy answer is to make everything strike on the same day. ADRs, Park reservations, FP+ (G+ can get lost). 60 days out, you do everything at once and you're good to go. Pre-COVID the problem was that you had to do all sorts of different things at different times. You had to mark down all...
  12. epcotWSC

    Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, Star, & hotstar)

    Disney lost subscribers for the first time last quarter. Disney is considering licensing some of its content to other streaming services. Doesn't sound very much like a company that's going to just raise prices by $2.50 in today's economic climate and be good to go.
  13. epcotWSC

    Disney's Streaming Services: Disney+ (and Hulu, ESPN+, Star, & hotstar)

    Disney thought they could make it big with Streaming. It was a horrible move. They could have made more just selling their content to Netflix and Amazon. Heck, even YouTube got out fast once they realized that rivaling Netflix (not that they're doing particularly wonderful right now) wasn't...
  14. epcotWSC

    Iger announces plans for Zootopia 2, Frozen 3, and Toy Story 5

    Terrible all around. TWDC has run out of ideas. There was once a time where Disney theatrical sequels were rare or unheard of. Now it's par for the course. Toy Story wrapped up perfectly with 3. TS4 wasn't as good as the others, but at least decent; however, it also ended well enough to put an...
  15. epcotWSC

    News Holiday crowds at Walt Disney World theme parks 2022

    I couldn't imagine enjoying the current system in my days before having kids when we were a couple 20 something's doing our best to hit up every ride that we cared about (typically the most popular ones) in a single day. It seems like it would be impossible now. With young kids we go in with...
  16. epcotWSC

    News Bob Iger is back! Chapek is out!!

    Isn't that the name of the game? Getting people into attractions and wide open spaces rather than packing them in like sardines?
  17. epcotWSC

    insiders ONLY... is there a possibility that the Magical Express comes back..

    It's funny, I was writing on another thread... Getting rid of DME is a sign of current Disney leadership just looking to cut cost rather than seeing the big picture. With Universal becoming more popular by the day, the last thing Disney wants is for people staying on property to go to Universal...
  18. epcotWSC

    How will Universal's Epic Universe effect Disney?

    I have no idea how profitable the stream of annual dues are. I'd imagine they're making some money, but they're supposed to be mostly for maintenance (which judging by the price increases and the fact a lot of the rooms have maintenance issues, I question if that's all they're being used for)...
  19. epcotWSC

    Realistically how long can you park at a resort with a dinning reservation?

    You could roll the dice with going to the contemporary for breakfast (rather than dinner) and walking over to MK. I've heard that MK resorts are pretty strict on the three hour parking limit though. I've never tried to stay longer to know. Personally, if I were going to pull that trick, I'd only...
  20. epcotWSC

    How will Universal's Epic Universe effect Disney?

    That all depends. Disney has a lot of people who own in DVC. Even if 1/3 of the people staying on site are DVC and those people decide to go to the parks less and go to Universal instead, then Disney is losing. Sure, those people may still spend money on property, but they're a pretty much fixed...
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