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  1. zonguy

    Favorite Hidden Micky

    Just to the west of the resort Anyone know who's land this actually is? Hidden Mickey in pine tree grove I've recently driven by this and it is still there...
  2. zonguy

    Car upside down in EPCOT parking lot

    Anyone have any details on what exactly the deal was with the flipped over car near the EPCOT parking lot exit tonight? I was leaving about 6:45pm to night and it looked bad, like someone had clipped it and it flipped. There were 2 security vehicles and a couple of other passenger cars, but I...
  3. zonguy

    .PSD request

    Thanks for your suggestions. I think it came out quite nicely. I can upload a sample if you would care to critique it for me. I can not seem to do it in this forum though. Let me know how to post/send it, if you are interested. Thanks again!
  4. zonguy

    .PSD request

    Anyone experienced enough with PS7 that can help me with a project file? I need a realistic "Brass" plaque. I was asked by a friend to create an award collage with some photos, and we want to place labels under 2 images. If we were to spring for some real matting and framing, we would...
  5. zonguy

    Star Tours 2 Rumor

    Not really much to see... Here is a rather dark shot of the painting.
  6. zonguy

    In Need Of Any And All Disney Audio!!!

    It seems to be a legit hostname, registered through NameZero. Maybe the host has problems serving the page due to over utilization. (Or Disney saw it and....)
  7. zonguy

    "hometown" pictures

    And, **sniff** the floor at the entrance to the Disney Store, just before it was shut down.... Took workers only a few minutes to jack hammer it away....:(
  8. zonguy

    "hometown" pictures

    Another shot of the fountain:
  9. zonguy

    "hometown" pictures

    This water fountain is located inside the Tower City Mall:
  10. zonguy

    "hometown" pictures

    The Terminal Tower from inside Tower City (Mall):
  11. zonguy

    "hometown" pictures

    The Society Bank Building:
  12. zonguy

    "hometown" pictures

    From Downtown Cleveland, Ohio... New Federal Building:
  13. zonguy

    Walt Disney World Experiance Video.

    Works if you right-click and "save target as"....
  14. zonguy

    Picture needed........HELP please!!!

    Here is a larger version of the fireworks one. I also have more of my pictures (including many castle shots) at
  15. zonguy

    The diffenence between Passholder Lounges

    I was with some friends at DAK, and we went to the Passholder lounge. I was permited in, but my friends were rejected. Why are the "rules" different for the lounge at EPCOT, where you may bring a guest? In fact, the EPCOT lounge has soda, and coffee. The DAK lounge only has water.... This...
  16. zonguy

    Real Life Herbie!!!!

    Those pics are cool... I was at EPCOT the other day and saw this one in the parking lot.
  17. zonguy

    Digital Camera Photography Questions

    I have both a monopod and a tripod. I find the monopod is not stable enough for long exposures (such as fireworks). While I agree that a tripod is bulky, I would suggest bringing it in your car and going back out to get it about an hour before. I am kind of fanatical about getting good pics...
  18. zonguy

    Digital Camera Photography Questions

    First, thanks to everyone for your kind words regarding the pictures I've posted. Kev, my appologies for thinking you had a F707. I downloaded the DSC-P5's manual from Sony 's website to see if I could still be of help to you. I was thrown by your reference to "nightshot". I believe the...
  19. zonguy

    Digital Camera Photography Questions

    And a pic of the fountain in front of Kodak's pavilion
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