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  1. Dizneyworld4430

    Best sounding/recognizable voice at the parks......

    wow this is such a hard decision...i am torn between Jack, Thurl and Walter.......:brick:
  2. Dizneyworld4430

    Dinosaur...Is it worth it?

    I am not taking anyone's side here but i can say that this is the only ride i have been on over 25 times and it still scares the s**t out of just the same as it did the first time and i love that. After you ride a ride over and over and over it loses it's inital thrill which i the best part. I...
  3. Dizneyworld4430

    Disney Sweepstakes

    What is that song that is playing on that website...i do not know who that singer is but i want to download that song i love it can anyone help me. Thanks in advance for your help
  4. Dizneyworld4430

    Can someone help me ?

    but we had it before we switched to direct tv. and i missed that so much that i just switched back to on demand
  5. Dizneyworld4430

    Can someone help me ?

    I have comcast on demand and i can not find that disney travel channel that they have!! I need a disney fix and im on the phone with comcast they cant seem to find it either...does anyone with comcast know where to find this...thanks so much! :brick:
  6. Dizneyworld4430

    Question about opening song

    I heard a song on live 365 and i can not find it anywhere to download. I do not know the name except the title that was on the radio which was welcome medley. The part I remember is "its all the magic wrapped up in pixy dust, welcome to a place where dreams come true." Does anyone know the name...
  7. Dizneyworld4430

    Tonight is gonna be magical!!!!

    Pirates 2 It Was Sooo Awesome...i Cant Wait To Talk To People About It. What A Rush That Movie Was!!!! If You Are Going To See It Make Sure You Stay Yet Again Until The End Of The Credits For A Great Suprise!!! Enjoy The Moive.
  8. Dizneyworld4430

    I reunited with my birth mother in disney

    I am so excited and i know this doesnt have anything to do with disney but it kinda does. I have reunited with my birth mother in disney world my fav. place to be and what an expierence. now because of me, my birth mother and my birth father are being reunited and GETTING MARRIED IN DISNEY. they...
  9. Dizneyworld4430

    WDWMAGIC 10 Year Anniversary guest book

    10 Year Anniversary This is a place where i first realized that my addiction for this wonderfull place was normal, and that there were millions out there just like me. Thank you for making me feel normal!!!:sohappy:
  10. Dizneyworld4430

    Where to find good coffee??

    ohhhh yeah i get boxes sent to me...isnt it nice and dont you feel like you are in the parks when you smell that brew haaaaaaaaaa. so good. lol :slurp:
  11. Dizneyworld4430

    Where to find good coffee??

    oh my god disney has the best coffee hands down. I have to have my sister who lives like five min off property ship me boxes and boxes, because i go though it so much. you can buy the cans as well to take home. and being a huge disney fan its nice to bring the magic home with you. if feels like...
  12. Dizneyworld4430

    the Wiggles at six flags??

    lol my husband says the same thing
  13. Dizneyworld4430

    the Wiggles at six flags??

    Six Flags To Add "Wiggles Worlds" Six Flags is bringing "Wiggles Worlds" to three parks in 2007 — Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Great America and Six Flags New England. The new "Wiggles Worlds" will include specially themed rides and attractions for families with kids ages 2-6...
  14. Dizneyworld4430

    EXTENDED Footage from Tigger video clearly shows it was a setup!

    that is so weird i posted that on the boards the other night and now its no where to be found.... very strange i remember even going back to check and see if anyone responded. hmmmmmm:brick: :hammer: :veryconfu
  15. Dizneyworld4430

    OCSO Tigger Incident Report

    ok i cant take it anymore....i have to say it i looooooove your avitar*sp* its soooo funny i cant help but laugh out loud everytime i see. i just lost control this time and i had to say it hahaha so cute!!!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. Dizneyworld4430

    Tigger Punches Guest??

    my three year old saw the pic on hear that says i was owned and she said..."ohhh mommy look tigger is giving the boy a big hug ohhh" i though i would share that
  17. Dizneyworld4430

    Tigger Punches Guest??

    Maybe Disney is copying universal.......who knows what M.E did during is reign over disney:veryconfu all i have to say is this kid was prob. hired my M.E.
  18. Dizneyworld4430

    Tigger Punches Guest??

    actualy if you look really really hard (because hes small but powerfull) you can see piglet back there!!!
  19. Dizneyworld4430

    Tigger Punches Guest??

    yea but i didnt understand why they would even call the police we didnt pose a threat and for the record.......i could of taken tigger out lol that punch was well yea.:drevil:
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