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  1. Wilson

    3rd Annual Disney Halloween Wallpaper Contest!!!

    For the first time in a while, I have an entry:
  2. Wilson

    Frank Thomas Passed Away Last Night

    God bless you, Frank :(
  3. Wilson

    Poor Wilson :(

  4. Wilson

    Who is the BEST Ebenezer Scrooge?

    When I hear the name Scrooge, I picture only one name on that list: Alistair Sim.
  5. Wilson

    WDW Magic Annual Holiday Banner Contest!!!

    and second one:
  6. Wilson

    We support Roy and Gold! Thread

    Roy's my boy.
  7. Wilson

    Edit THIS! Contest #1!!!

    I got nothing.
  8. Wilson

    The Masters Tournament!!

    All right. Your little bowing guy is revoked. Instead, you get this: I hope that's a lesson for you.
  9. Wilson

    The Masters Tournament!!

    Corrus & Bamboo7:
  10. Wilson


  11. Wilson

    The Masters Tournament!!

    Sorry, I've lost too many years of my life to that game to give away my secrets now. ;)
  12. Wilson

    The Masters Tournament!!

    You people obviously haven't had your priorities in order.
  13. Wilson

    George Plimpton

    George Plimpton passed away last week at the age of 76 link More well known for his writing, including the book 'Paper Lion', older viewers of the Disney Channel may remember him as the host of 'Mousterpiece Theater'
  14. Wilson

    Tim"THE TOOLMAN" Taylor!

    I can't help you with your problem, I just thought I should post here. Hi
  15. Wilson

    "8 Simple Rules" to continue as family tragedy

    Wow, I was sure they'd drop it and use Drew Carey or extra According to Jims or something. Bold move. I hope it continues to find an audience. It might, now that I think about it, I'm more likely to tune in now than before just to see how they'll pull this off.
  16. Wilson

    Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

    Man, almost a great ending, I think I'm most disappointed that our special "bounce the ball off your helmet on the kickoff return" play didn't work. That one's usually good for a fairly long gain.
  17. Wilson

    Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

    I'll drink to that. Never too early to start tailgating.
  18. Wilson

    Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

    Look out, Buckeyes! Don't let our loss last Saturday to Weak Forest fool you. We were saving ourselves for this week! The sun was in our eyes! The ball was too heavy! The dog ate our playbook! Shoelaces.... too tight! %^#%$ Refs! Anyway, now we're ready. Go Pack! NC State 31 tOSU 28
  19. Wilson

    Silent Thread

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