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    Worst Walt Disney World Attraction

    CBJ is just worn out and tired, needs a new script. Whats with all the blood talk?:rolleyes:
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    What is your one favorite underrated attraction in all of Disney World?

    The land, Gran Fiesta, Enchanted Tiki Room,TTA
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    Looking for Recommendations for Trying (New to Us) Restaurants

    Was just there in December, Ohana was awful, poor service and the food quality has gone way down. Steak was chewy, no macadamia nut butter anymore, salad has been changed. The Wave is just so so, liker another poster said, feels like a wedding in the basement. The hidden gem we found was Spice...
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    OK, Mama Melrose's - your honest opinion

    Not great, but good. Way better than Olive Garden. Great atmosphere and plenty to look at. We try to stay more to the traditional Italian dishes rather than steaks. Never been disappointed, and the fantasmic package makes it even better.
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    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner -

    Plus, wont they paint the towers to blend in a little better than just gray? Say maybe sky blue or green depending on location.
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    News Park attendance showing significant softness heading into the Fall 2018

    Didnt read all 75 pages, but if its so slow, why cant we get fast passes for slinky dog or pandora 60 days out? Been down three times and always gone. Forcing me to wait in line for 90 plus minutes is not making my time enjoyable.
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    Dinner shows best shows best food

    Spirit of aloha is a lot of fun, great show. Food is ok, similar to Ohanas , just not as much, ribs and chicken, noodles, salad, and alcoholic drinks. It’s great to sit outside in the fresh air and see some fire.
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    News Sweet Spells to close for Toy Story store?

    Going to miss sitting there by the big window watching them make all those goodies, and the great neon lights, it really gave it that Hollywood feel. Let’s hope they don’t cheese it up
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    Free dining

    Can you change reservations online?
  10. mickey2008.1

    What's your favorite appetizers?

    Don't forget the sticky wings are Ohanas! We love those things :-)
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