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  1. BenS

    Typhoon Lagoon now testing the in-park complimentary guest Wi-Fi Internet service

    In-park Wi-Fi seems like a strange idea to me. Five years ago this might have been a good idea, but these days most people who really, really want Internet access in the parks are probably the kind of people who have smartphones with a 3G/4G data plan. I'm a heavy smartphone user most of the...
  2. BenS

    LIVE coverage of One More Disney Day

    Crowds were a lot lighter when we left at around 4:45. Amazingly, they were still a lot heavier than you see on an average 2 AM EMH day. You could tell there were a lot of Disney devoted. That's the first time I've heard people actually sing along to carousel of progress or speak along with...
  3. BenS

    LIVE coverage of One More Disney Day

    I'm in line for the tomorrowland speedway. Crowds are pretty bad right now, hopefully they'll improve as the night goes on.
  4. BenS

    do you think the crowd for one more disney day will be overcapacity

    I plan on spending the bulk of the day at Epcot and heading to MK at night. I'm hoping the crowds will be lighter in the evening than in the morning. (on a side note I'm posting this from the airplane on the way to Florida, which I still find extremely cool)
  5. BenS

    Anywhere to buy Lion King merchandise at Epcot?

    Thanks guys, very glad I asked. Somehow I thought resort delivery was same-day. I think what I'll do is buy it at MK and have it sent to the front of the park, and just carry it with me if they're unable to do that for whatever reason.
  6. BenS

    Anywhere to buy Lion King merchandise at Epcot?

    Hey everyone, A friend and I are planning on going to wdw on the 29th for the 24 hour promotion. (very excited!) Sadly my girlfriend isn't able to come, so I wanted to get her a souvenir while I'm there. Specifically, I want to get her a stuffed animal from her favorite movie, the Lion King...
  7. BenS

    Possible New Main Street Music Loop To Debut

    I'd never heard of Hello Dolly before WALL-E, so when the movie started I was really surprised to hear the MSUSA background music. :lol:
  8. BenS

    Possible New Main Street Music Loop To Debut

    Please don't change Tomorrowland loop though. :dazzle:
  9. BenS

    An added wrinkle on the Avatarland front

    One of two things is likely: either this will just go away completely, or Cameron & Co. will settle and this guy will walk away with a seven or eight figure paycheck. It's extremely unlikely anything will happen to cause the Avatarland project to be cancelled. As to the lawsuit, if Ryder's...
  10. BenS

    The iPad at Disney World

    I have an iPad and wouldn't take it to the parks. Not so much out of fear that it would break as much as much as I like to go light. All I bring is my wallet, cell phone, and camera. If you already bring a backpack (or some other case large enough for it) and you get a good case I don't think...
  11. BenS

    Peeping tom @ Epcot

    It's not a fingerprint. The scanner is only sophisticated enough to match you with your ticket, but it can't be used to find someone from a large database.
  12. BenS

    Peeping tom @ Epcot

    Winter Park is 40 minutes from Epcot according to Google maps. Surely there was a shopping mall more conveniently located, but he drove across town to Disney World. That's even more messed up, he went out of his way to do this somewhere with tons of kids and that is generally considered "safe".
  13. BenS

    Why is the Captain EO movie screen dogeared?

    My question is why was that changed for HISTA? I haven't seen it since 08 but I can't recall it being significant...nor can I imagine why it would be.
  14. BenS

    My Dream 5th Gate!

    Honestly, I can't see Disney opening a park which intentionally excludes their core demographic, unless they feel the family market is tapped out.
  15. BenS

    Mapping camera bike at Epcot?

    So soon we'll be able to do a street view-like virtual tour of the parks? Wow! That's both exciting and terrifying. (so much time will be wasted)
  16. BenS

    How awesome is this? If Disney Princesses were real....

    C'mon, never seen Notting Hill? Wait, that's a chick flick. So, uh, me neither... :lookaroun
  17. BenS

    How awesome is this? If Disney Princesses were real....

    They're talking about Disney's version of Pocahontas.
  18. BenS

    RiverSide opion

    I've stayed at both Riverside and Caribbean Beach. I've never stayed at Pop but I have stayed at the All-Stars, which is very similar. We absolutely loved Riverside. The atmosphere was just fantastic. We never spend much time at the hotel (it's parks, parks, parks with me) but I liked it a...
  19. BenS

    Woman Rushed To Hospital Unconcious After Riding Disney Rollercoaster

    Disney will be fine. I'm sure they have some crazy liability insurance for this kind of thing. Honestly I'm more worried about the woman and her family than the wealthy corporation. A lawsuit would be baseless anyway. Disney puts up plenty of warning signs about heart conditions, etc. It's a...
  20. BenS

    Complimentary WiFi Internet access pilot extended to more resorts

    Hotspot is so much cheaper. Disney charges $10 a day for wired currently, and AT&T charges an extra $20 for the whole month to use hotspot. Problem is, AT&T sucked for me last time I was in WDW. I could barely make a phone call from my hotel room, much less use the web. If you have a...
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