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  1. cb3k

    Disney's Hollywood Studios: What's Next

    My family and I were essentially able to do just that....started at 9 am, had nothing to do by 11:30. Let me know how the 8 am rope drop experiment works out for you...I'm legitimately curious.
  2. cb3k

    Disney's Hollywood Studios: What's Next

    Just got back from my first trip in 3 years.....It was quite sad to see that DHS as essentially remained stagnant. If you exclude the 100 minute wait time for TMM and 60+ min wait time for RnR....this park is a 1/3 day park at most. It has definitely sunk to 4th on my list.
  3. cb3k

    FAWF Beer Questions - Choc and Sam Adams?

    I have been several times this year and have always been lucky enough to get my hands on the 12th anniversary festival brew every time. I have heard through friends that they have recently been running out. As for the chocolate beer, I believe it was going to be bison chocolate stout, but...
  4. cb3k

    Splash Mt question.

    The water cannons were intensified for a while, and upon your turn around the drop (just before you go on a climb through the barn/shed) the cannons would fire off and soak the entire boat. This is not set up the same anymore, and you will be MUCH more dry should you ride it anytime soon.
  5. cb3k

    May I ask what's so great about WL?

    I have just returned from a 3 day stay at WL, and I think it is much more enjoyable than GF. Having lived in Florida my entire life, it is nice to get away from the palm trees and beaches and GF really seems to encompass that environment (which dont get me wrong, IS what most people are looking...
  6. cb3k

    Sorry Folks--Park's closed.....

    I was at the MK yesterday and tickets for the P&P party were still available as late as 6 pm (and I'm sure after that). Of course, I must mention that yesterday felt like you were in the middle of a category 4 hurricane, and the only attraction that seemed to be up and running was the flooded...
  7. cb3k

    Which is Scarier?

    I have been saying for years now that Dinosaur is hands down the scariest ride on Disney property.
  8. cb3k

    late EMH night ak MK in Dec.

    Last Christmas I was at MK until 3 in the morning for their EMH. It was not crowded at all (from midnight on). I do not think that they are running into problems with their EMH starting to get too congested, perhaps it is to really spread thin the crowds during the days. All I know is that...
  9. cb3k

    Fun Fan get together for EPCOT's 25th on Oct 1st

    I am so pumped!!!! FigmentsFriend, the list you mentioned of "dream surprises" has me really ampd on what "could" happen...For the real buffs (Martin), perhaps they will give you that detailed look into Communicore. I am certain that the Sentinel will be there covering this, and can't wait til...
  10. cb3k

    "Partners" Statue observation

    Hahaha..whaaaat? I have been there umpteen times and never staggered upon this, I would assume its because I never look. odd as I feel typing this, I'm gonna have to check that out next time.
  11. cb3k

    No more Great Movie Ride?

    Nothing is yet confirmed on the fate of the GMR...There have been rumors of it getting new scenes which would suggest that there are no plans on removing it. The current ride still holds true and consistent with the name of the park, but much has been discussed on possible successors to the...
  12. cb3k

    I got Le Cellier!

    Congratulations....Thats unbelievable that you got that restaurant booked for your trip being just around the corner. Enjoy.
  13. cb3k

    Disney MGM Name Change Confirmed!! Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Wow...Didn't see that name coming. I like it though, Has a nice ring to it. I have a feeling that some exec out there took into consideration the general consensus of "dislike" over the Pixar name being incorporated into the studious, perhaps a last minute name change? In any regard thanks a...
  14. cb3k


    Thanks for clearing that up for me...Next time I will add ":lookaroun :lookaroun :lookaroun :p "
  15. cb3k

    "Partners" Statue observation

    Good point, but Raven is correct the two finger point did not evolve until much later in "Disney history". As the parks became more and more world renowned, the 2 finger point was incorporated to be sensitive to others cultures.
  16. cb3k

    Cracking down on music providers?

    I have also heard of Disney teaming up with other major studios to combat the use of Tivo, and other television recording programs. I know of the copyright laws as DMCA and SSSCA, and I have heard that Disney is really pressing to be in control of when, where and what their viewers watch...If...
  17. cb3k

    Fun Fan get together for EPCOT's 25th on Oct 1st

    I have registered (hmmm so I think I did) and will absolutely be there...I just don't have the time right now to read 65 pages..Can someone give me a quick breakdown on what events are planned, what to bring?, Money going to anyone?, what to wear...etc. feel free to PM me or just a quick post...
  18. cb3k

    Help me decide - dining location

    Took the words right out of my mouth...err, or the keys right out from under my fingertips...Either way, I am with Belle on this one.
  19. cb3k

    Mickey Monitor - Haunted Mansion Update you think...For the all new exclusive WDW version her bouquet turns into a Nerf Gun. :ROFLOL:
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