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  1. garyhoov

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, garyhoov

    What's that? You have a trout that's on beer three?
  2. garyhoov

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, garyhoov

    Surprised an old fart like me isn't dead yet? ;)
  3. garyhoov

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, garyhoov

    %$#^^**%$%#&^%#$$$**^% :banghead:
  4. garyhoov

    Innoventions Habit Heroes closes for rework

    I don't want to get you jealous or anything, but she calls me 'Sunshine'.:king: :lookaroun
  5. garyhoov

    Innoventions Habit Heroes closes for rework

    The thing I find interesting about the story is how much play it gets simply because Disney's name is attached. I saw it on my comcast feed so I figured it was a big story. When I read it, I assumed it was some replacement for 'Body Wars' that I hadn't heard about because I don't pay enough...
  6. garyhoov

    Innoventions Habit Heroes closes for rework

    :wave: At least somebody does. Everybody else is saying: "Who's that fatty over there eating the wings and cheese-steak?":lookaroun
  7. garyhoov

    Innoventions Habit Heroes closes for rework

    I'm fat. It's unhealthy. If you'd like to point and laugh, please do, it might motivate me to get my fat a$$ to the gym more often. . . . but probably not. :lookaroun
  8. garyhoov

    Best 1/2 Marathon for a newbie

    I haven't run the Wine and Dine, so I can't say from experience, but based on what I know and what I've heard, I'd stay away from that as a first experience. It might be fun, but it sounds like it's not representative of most half-marathons. So you could take the risk of running that and...
  9. garyhoov

    New Resort TV Show?

    Thanks for the link! You made my day!:sohappy: . . . though you may be next on the list of people my wife wants to kill after me by the time I've played it 1000 times.:lookaroun
  10. garyhoov

    Your favorite running "thing"?

    When I read first paragraph of the question I was drawing a blank, but yeah, my Garmin has to be it (even though I only have the very basic model). On a few occasions, when my battery ran out, I couldn't finish my runs. . . . though I may have partly just allowed myself to use that as an...
  11. garyhoov

    Race Transportation

    A little off-topic but it might be useful information: My first couple races, I've headed to Epcot about an hour and 15 minutes before race time and traffic was always so light that I wondered why they told you to get there so early. Last year I left about 45 minutes prior to race and the...
  12. garyhoov

    Disney World Marathon

    . . . and if you're wondering why I'm also following "Vampyre Gurls Book Club" and 10,000 other blogs . . . it's an author thing.:lookaroun
  13. garyhoov

    Disney World Marathon

    I'm following your blog now.:wave: Maybe it can get me in the mood. I can't seem to get myself motivated this year.
  14. garyhoov

    WDWmagic Members on Twitter??

    Jerry! I think you're actually the one who mentioned "Twitter" several years ago and I was like: "Twitter, what's Twitter?":shrug:
  15. garyhoov

    WDWmagic Members on Twitter??

    I finally just got one. Since the first time I ever heard about it was here, I thought I should post it for anyone foolish to add me.:lookaroun!/GaryHoover1
  16. garyhoov

    New track star on the way

  17. garyhoov

    I think every race should have....

    I like the way you think, but my problem is it's still based on body-weight. I say let's do a 300 lb bench press.;)
  18. garyhoov

    ASJHLJ's (George"s) spring break 2011 trip report

    Great report and GREAT photos! You've got a talent for capturing the little details that make it so special.
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