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  1. Goofy Kid

    The Next Poster - Disney Style

    True TNP Has watched Wishes from Splash Mountain Ride
  2. Goofy Kid

    Guess that Attraction

    Great Movie Ride "Looks like Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear are causin' some commotion downsteam."
  3. Goofy Kid

    Guess that Attraction

    Thunder Mountain Railroad "Heres something you don't see everyday tomatoes growing on trees..."
  4. Goofy Kid

    Guess that Attraction

    Journey Into Imagination "...we look upon a mirror of ourselves, the leaders we have chosen to safeguard our rights and our ideals, to imagine the future and to embrace its challenges."
  5. Goofy Kid

    Where should the next princess come from???

    I could see like spain/south american possibly.
  6. Goofy Kid

    Disneyland (and more) in Brazil?

    I'm not trying to be a hater, but Brazil was recently ranked by travelers digest as being more dangerous than Iraq. Doesn't sound like a place to take the kids...
  7. Goofy Kid

    Two Trips or one LONG trip....Help Me decide!!!

    I would choose two trips, so that as soon as you get back from Disney you can start looking forward to going to Disney again.
  8. Goofy Kid

    Guess that Attraction

    Test Track "Please stand up before exiting. Bye-Bye"
  9. Goofy Kid

    Family Awarded for Weekly Meals at Sci-Fi Dine In.

    Wow I have the sci fi film memorized and I've only been there a couple times. I can only imagine how those people feel.
  10. Goofy Kid

    What do you do at wdw when there's storms?

    I like to get on the monorail and chill at the resorts. Its free and pretty entertaining.
  11. Goofy Kid

    Are you the real Bob Saget? Like the guy from full house?

    Are you the real Bob Saget? Like the guy from full house?
  12. Goofy Kid

    Guess that Attraction

    Soarin "...Ascension, proud, full of grace and symmetry" Hint: Say in a french accent.
  13. Goofy Kid

    Guess that Attraction

    Dinosaur "...our planet has sailed through the universe of time, and for a brief moment we have been among its many passengers."
  14. Goofy Kid

    Guess that Attraction

    Alien Encounter "Paging Mr.Morrow. Mr. Tom Morrow."
  15. Goofy Kid

    Best Drink at Club Cool

    I don't understand how anyone could like Beverly. It tastes like straight earwax.
  16. Goofy Kid

    Monsters University

    As I am sure most people already know pixar is coming out with the sequel to Monsters Inc., Monsters University. Do you think this is what Disney has been waiting for to expand the pixar section of Hollywood Studios?
  17. Goofy Kid

    Most Prized Disney Possession?

    My Disney snowglobe collection. I have acquired one every time I've gone to Walt Disney World since i was 6.
  18. Goofy Kid

    In the Magic Kingdom, WHICH WAY DO YOU GO?

    Left and straight through Liberty Square and to Splash Mountain.
  19. Goofy Kid

    Time Machine!

    I would want to go June 1, 1999 and tell myself to invest in apple.:drevil:
  20. Goofy Kid

    The Imaginarium: Project 1

    Who is winning
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