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  1. LeafsFanNL

    Enchanted Tiki Room

    My favourite attraction in both MK and DL
  2. LeafsFanNL

    During the Euros ...

    HI, I was there for the World Cup in 2014. Parks didn't seem very crowded for the dates, (July 1st -4th). There was a crowd every night at the lounge in the Sequoia Lodge, and on the evening that France was knocked out the sports bar in the Disney Village was maggoty with people. If that helps.
  3. LeafsFanNL

    First DLP trip planning...

    I like it, You really can hit the highlights in a long day. A question, are you going to park hop? if so, I'd be tempted to start at Disney Studios, and do the Ratatouille attraction first. It is the best thing in the park. Big Thunder is the highlight in the MK park. I'd hit that first...
  4. LeafsFanNL

    First DLP trip planning...

    We were in Europe in 2014. We spent one night in Arras, France to visit WW1 battlefields, four nights at DLP, one in Paris, six in London and one in Dublin. Looking back we would have cut one night from each of London and Disney and added one to Paris and Arras.
  5. LeafsFanNL

    First DLP trip planning...

    That looks good. for a short trip like that two days at DLP is the maximum I'd allocate.
  6. LeafsFanNL

    A surprising omission?

    Hi Folks, When all of the plans for Disney Springs were released, I was expecting to see an Apple Store. I thought it was an obvious choice. I mean, they always generate traffic, they are "hip", Apple is a large shareholder in Disney IIRC. It made a lot of sense to me. Yet it didn't...
  7. LeafsFanNL

    From the OS: Gator drags child into Seven Seas Lagoon

    What a terrible tragedy. I think it is important to remember that the family is from a place where being by the water late at night is relatively safe. I mean, here in Newfoundland the only hazard in the water is hypothermia. People can be forgiven for not recognizing the hazard. Many...
  8. LeafsFanNL

    "Disney Early Morning Magic - Fantasyland" Anyone know?

    As a long time user of morning EMH, this really worries me. It's only a matter of time before EMH is replaced by a version of this scheme. This is the latest in a string of choices that saddens us. As a result, we go less and less, eat less TS meals, don't park hop anymore, and spend less...
  9. LeafsFanNL

    Help me find a new Disney podcast

    Hi, I've followed WDWToday for many years. I always found the cast to be informative, (most of the time), but more importantly, they were always willing to call Disney on choices that were questionable. All of the other podcasts seem to be produced by people too affected by the pixie dust...
  10. LeafsFanNL

    Trip Planning: How long is to long?

    We were there in early July. 5 days is fine. did 4 in DL. spent July 4th in DCA. These parks require a slower pace than FLA does IMO.
  11. LeafsFanNL

    Norway Pavilion Frozen construction - Frozen Ever After ride

    I follow world news pretty closely, but must have missed the government of Norway legally changing the name of their country to Arendelle.
  12. LeafsFanNL

    1st timer would love more info please.

    I liked it a lot. DLP itself reminds me more of DL than MK, and thats a good thing. I liked DS a lot, loved the Ratatouille area a lot. I thought the out of park experiences were lacking. I've stayed at a half dozen WDW hotels and at the Disneyland Hotel, and fine that the atmosphere at...
  13. LeafsFanNL

    World of color reserved seating.

    I'll second both recommendations. We had a great meal at Carthay Circle, had a Manhattan there, it liked it a lot. Visited Trader Sams twice. I liked the Hippopomaitai, and the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum. Not much of a bourbon drinker, so I wouldn't get the Shipwreck again. The viewing...
  14. LeafsFanNL

    Best non-Disney Hotels to Stay At

    We just stayed at the Best Western Park Place Inn, and I cannot recommend it at all. The room was very dated, Think 1970's wallpaper, old carpeting. The room was very dark, and it wasn't as clean as I would have liked. There was sticky residue all over the desk and dresser. Yes, there is a...
  15. LeafsFanNL

    Newbie with a few questions

    From what I can see on the crowd calendar mostly 6 and 7 with the first couple of days 8's. Be there for rope drop and you are golden. Even more so than WDW.
  16. LeafsFanNL

    Help! Wife has banned Disney for three years :(

    Ditch her and the kids and go yourself................ ;)
  17. LeafsFanNL

    Disney confirms 'Frozen' makeover coming to Epcot's Norway Pavilion

    I don't think the comparison to Mexico is valid. The ride is still set in Mexico, not some fictional country.
  18. LeafsFanNL

    Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum recipe

    Hi folks, I am looking for the recipe for the above mentioned nectar of the Gods from Trader Sams. Anyone have a link?
  19. LeafsFanNL

    Free Dining....the Moody way.

    $92?? he must have had two beers.
  20. LeafsFanNL

    Disney confirms 'Frozen' makeover coming to Epcot's Norway Pavilion

    When this opens, i'll skip through Norway, oops Arendelle, asap. From Mexico through to China, or at least until they ruin those countries as well. As far as that goes, if they foul up World Showcase much more, i'd probably skip Epcot entirely.
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