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  1. tracyandalex

    2022 The Wonder of Alaskan Cruise - The Second Time Around

    Thank you so much for posting this! We're leaving for our first Alaska cruise on June 6th and we can't hardly wait.
  2. tracyandalex

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    ^^^ where I'd rather be :(:happy:
  3. tracyandalex

    Advance FastPass+ coming for Cast Members next week

    Has the system been updated to allow nonCMs to link their resort magicband to the guest passes?
  4. tracyandalex

    Fastpass+ Question

    I was afraid someone would say that, thanks
  5. tracyandalex

    Advance FastPass+ coming for Cast Members next week

    My sister is a CM but I am the one who makes all the plans. We will be staying at a disney resort for our next trip. Will I be able to make the FP+ reservations for the group or will she have to do it?
  6. tracyandalex

    Fastpass+ Question

    Do you have to have a ticket to make a FP+ reservation or will having a hotel reservation allow us to book FP+?
  7. tracyandalex

    Using Fastpass+ with Cast Member Guest Park Ticket?

    We will also be with a CM, but some of us will have tickets in advance and some will not. Is there any way to get all of us the same FPs? We will all be in the same hotel room, does that allow us to book FPs together?
  8. tracyandalex

    Hey, Galveston Peeps! (Totally off-topic)

    Not to steal the thread, but which beaches should we go to? @sweetpee_1993
  9. tracyandalex

    Woohoo Back In Texas, Well Kinda Of!

    we're booked on that cruise too and we have a daughter that will be 7!
  10. tracyandalex

    Fall 2015 itineraries

    Thanks for the welcome and the head's up!
  11. tracyandalex

    Woohoo Back In Texas, Well Kinda Of!

    We're moving to Austin in 2 weeks, what is this Buc-ees everyone is speaking of?
  12. tracyandalex

    Fall 2015 itineraries

    We are moving to Texas in 2 weeks and are very excited to see DCL return there. Living in Florida has afforded us the opportunity to take several cruises and we were definitely going to miss that. We are now ecstatic to see that we can get one in without airfare next year!
  13. tracyandalex

    Is the cruise photo cd worth it?

    For the shorter cruises we have decided that it's not worth it we just don't feel like we take enough pictures. We are hoping to take a 7 night next spring and are really considering the CD for that cruise. if we do purchase it we will definitely be camera whores, lol.
  14. tracyandalex

    Just Released- 2015 Itinerary

    thanks @sweetpee_1993 We have generally done florida resident rates in the past and we did a VGT this year, but it looks like for some of the more awesome cruises we'll have to be ready for opening day! I imagine there aren't many discounts on the med and baltic and even alaska cruises...
  15. tracyandalex

    Just Released- 2015 Itinerary

    Speaking of prices - I keep hearing that opening day prices are the best, but does that include rates like GTY and other types of rates like florida resident and military?
  16. tracyandalex

    Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Reviews

    Ship: Magic Stateroom #5144 Room Category: 06A Aft, Mid or Forward: Aft Date of Sailing: March 14 This stateroom has a verandah with a white wall. We had never stayed in a veranda with a white wall before so we did not really know what to expect. I had seen pictures of a half whitewall, but...
  17. tracyandalex

    "New" Disney Magic vs Disney Dream Trip Questions

    I agree with @sweetpee_1993 and @Brian & Jill both ships are awesome. We have been on both and love both. The less people on Castaway is a real consideration IMHO
  18. tracyandalex

    2015 Speculation

    Just to add to the excitement, I was on the Magic this past weekend and asked one of the officers if the Baltic rumors are true and he did say yes, but that it is still considered a secret. So there is that, hopefully this was credible.
  19. tracyandalex

    dining question

    We are also a group of 3. We have always been seated with folks that are also from Florida and have a son that is a similar age to our daughter we always joke that DCL is playing match maker, lol). Thus far we have not had a bad experience with table mates so I'm crossing our fingers that this...
  20. tracyandalex

    crazy idea? - Disney transportation

    We live in florida so we are only flying after the cruise and trying to figure out how to get to the airport from the port. We were not aware of the DCL transfer fees. How much are those?
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