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    WDW Font Help....

    The font is called Kingdom, and is a commercial font. A similar font was made by a guy at, he calls it Started by a Mouse
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    Official Photography Contest 4/7/06 - 4/13/06 Rides Contest

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    DCA Fan's Disneyland Update

    I've put up another update (finally!) with pictures from last week at the Disneyland Resort. There are 8 lovely wallpapers for your usage pleasure, and over 50 pictures from the resort! Hope you enjoy them! DCAFan's April Update
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    Wanted: Norway Post Show Video

    I was about to say go look for Marni's video. It's excellent.
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    A few random questions for recent visitors!

    1) Traffic in Los Angeles and Anaheim- is it really THAT bad? Yes at rush hour. Know when to get to the park (early) and when to leave and you shouldn't have much problem 2) Monster's Inc - It will be open 3) Food: House of Blues. Decent food, good atmosphere, though I prefer Ralph...
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    DCA Fan's Disneyland Update - Holiday Edition

    Update part two! Click HERE! Inside: Pictures from Monsters Inc Disney's California Adventure Grand Californian tree before being burned.
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    Monsters Inc Ride DCA

    Just rode it yesterday! Very classic, dark ride style. Few new technologies, Roz at the end is pretty nifty, but other than that it is fairly simple. Lines during the preview maxed out at around 30 minutes, nearing the end of the day it was a walk on. Then again, so were most things in the park.
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    DCA Fan's Disneyland Update - Holiday Edition

    DCA Fan's Holiday Disneyland Update! Inside: 14 Wallpapers free for use! Over 60 photos! Mild cynicism and humor :) Happy Holidays everyone! :xmas:
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    Disneyland Resort Trip Report & Photos

    Just a little past Sector 14.
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    Thanksgiving Weekend Photo Update

    It is probably because the holiday decoration department at WDW is overworked and understaffed, after all, they have to prepare quality decorations for FIVE parks, while at DL the staff only has to decorate TWO parks.
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    Thanksgiving Weekend Photo Update

    Haha thankfully yes, real carols. Forgot to check if Tomorrowland still has DJs with iPods. Usually try to stay away from there...seeing people who claim to be DJs using an iPod tends to make me violent :P And dear lord yes, Drawn to the Magic is far too catchy. I really need to find a good...
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    Thanksgiving Weekend Photo Update

    DCA Fan's Not-So-Regular Disneyland Update Read the Thanksgiving Holiday Disneyland Resort update! Inside: - DCA's Animation Building - NINE Wallpapers - Disneyland Decor
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    Mickey's Halloween Treat review and photos

    Hey Kirsten! Glad to see you had a blast! And nice Sorcerer Mickey costume too! :D
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    Official Photography Contest 10.14.05 - 10.20.05: Disney Food and Drink

    Haha that's an adorable picture! Darn where did I misplace my photos of fried cheesecake....
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    Why Was This Kept A Secret?

    They added the projections sometime in August-September in response to the huge crowds in front of the castle and down main street. While you miss some castle-centric effects from this view, the projections are quite good.
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    Disneyland CD Question !?

    Randy Thornton, the producer of theme park music at Disney Records, says: We’re still looking at it. Sometimes these things get complicated – how much will the artist and orchestra re-payment , production and mastering cost vs how many units does the retailer think they can sell (whether the...
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    Disneyland Resort Restaurants

    I personally like the French Market, Plaza Inn, and Pizza Port.
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    Help identifying artwork?

    Thank you! I knew I should've bought that book when I had the chance!
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