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  1. hemloc

    New Star Tours Destinations in 2015

    ILM works on A LOT more than just Star Wars, so there is ALWAYS money coming in. One of my friends who works there has worked on all of these for ILM, just to name a few: Visual Effects (36 titles) 2013 Pacific Rim 2012 Paranormal Activity 4 2012 Battleship 2012 Red Tails 2011 Cowboys...
  2. hemloc

    Cirque Rumors

    KA would be the perfect fit for Disney. BUT, and it's a HUGE BUT, anyone who has ever seen that show knows that it would most likely NEVER happen due to the logistics of moving anything that "epic". Which kinda blows, because KA is one of their best shows and i've seen it 5 times...
  3. hemloc

    Who to contact? Police/Firefighter discount

    And we won't even get into the "ethical" issues that discounts and gifting in the wonderful world of law enforcement bring up... I make more than enough money as a GS-13 working for the feds(Much more than I ever did make in the military! They definitely deserve a discount!). I certainly...
  4. hemloc

    Is it Imagineering or is it Management?

    Wow... Is that guy a bitter fan boy, or what? Exactly the kind of person who really doesn't amount to much, as for a target customer. Honestly... Even if they DIDN'T build new stuff at any of the Disney parks, people would still come in droves from all over the world.
  5. hemloc

    A new disney hotel in.. kansas city?

    And Orlando & Kissimmee are not, lol?? :shrug:
  6. hemloc

    Peeping tom @ Epcot

    Well, if anything, this should alleviate all those conspiracy nuts theories about how the biometrics scanners at the turnstiles are keeping records of everyone for big brother!!
  7. hemloc

    Pandora before Horizons 2.0...really???

    Ummm, what about the 2 movies that are still in the pipeline?? Not to mention re-release plans... :shrug:
  8. hemloc

    Best alcoholic beverages?

    KUNGALOOSH!!! :sohappy: Possibly outside the Adventurer's Club from time to time...
  9. hemloc

    Help! Very impromptu short trip during Thanksgiving

    Black Friday is historically the worst day of the year at WDW... Avoid at all costs, lol!!
  10. hemloc

    Accused of Pizza Flyer Scam at Dolphin.

    And that, in itself, is actually illegal. There has to be much, much more than just a simple belief. I don't do pins :p:hurl:!!! I might do some Haunted Mansion mouse ears, though :p!!
  11. hemloc

    Accused of Pizza Flyer Scam at Dolphin.

    I'm not telling, lol.. Just shamelessly promoting the show :)!! I am on 2 episodes that I know of, though(Cocaine Sting and Going Underground).
  12. hemloc

    Accused of Pizza Flyer Scam at Dolphin.

    Believe me, the thought of dressing up as Stitch and running around downtown El Paso actually crossed my mind, hehe:king:!!!
  13. hemloc

    Accused of Pizza Flyer Scam at Dolphin.

    As one of the few actual law enforcement officers around here, I think the biggest issue is the detention of a JUVENILE for 30 minutes. That, my friends, is extremely unreasonable and unacceptable. Did they ever allow him to contact his parents or legal guardian? As a federal law enforcement...
  14. hemloc

    What are the odds...

    A themed room in one of the resorts, maybe? But a resort?? That would be a stretch...
  15. hemloc

    Fuel for the India Rumor...

    Reading comprehension fail, lol?? Seriously, though. Something must be going on in LA right now, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what they are working on out there and for who. :shrug:
  16. hemloc

    Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple.

    He's not looking good at all... :(
  17. hemloc

    What would you want to see out of a 5th WDW park? (If there's going to be one)

    Although, I think FACE/PALM might also be appropriate:brick:??
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