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  1. disneytopdog

    Car Rental for April.

    As others have said, do the Priceline thing. I got a economy car(solo trip) for $6 a day for 7 days thanksgiving weekend 2 years ago. It took me weeks of getting my bid turned down. Eventually they took it.
  2. disneytopdog

    Favorite Part About Your WDW Trip(s)?

    Exiting off I-4 and seeing that huge sign over the roadway, with Mickey on one side and Minnie on the other. GETS ME EVERYTIME
  3. disneytopdog

    The American Adventure Discussion

    Has anyone ever noticed that in the audio track of FDR's "Declaration of War" speach to congress the track stops right at the point where he charges Japan with the attack....Is this Disney being PC?
  4. disneytopdog

    Boma reviews and opinions????

    I ate there for the first time this past December, It was by far the best meal of the entire trip, and is now a must do from now on. I also found it funny watching all the adults eating off the kids buffet due to the fact that they left their sense of culinary adventure at the door.
  5. disneytopdog

    What to say to Disney World bashers?

    Those that go and get it.....No explanation is neccessary Those who dont go, and wont go.......No explanation is possible
  6. disneytopdog

    Yachtsman Steakhouse Roasted Garlic?

    get a giant elephant garlic bulb. cut off the top of bulb 1/4of the way down to expose the cloves drizzle with EVO, salt and pepper to taste wrap tight in foil and bake for an hour to hour and half at 325 until soft and spreadable. ENJOY
  7. disneytopdog

    Cape May = Crab legs??

    YES, they had crab legs on December 3 when I ate there. This was my second time eating at Cape May and felt they had improved their food quality.
  8. disneytopdog

    Be Prepared vs He Lives In You @ FOTLK

    "Be Prepared" needs to stay in the show, I do agree that it doesnt really fit. But if they punched it up with adding more of the darker characters into the number (Hyena's) and adding more lighting effects and smoke it could turn out to be one of the better numbers. After all, in almost every...
  9. disneytopdog

    Do I stand a chance of getting a refund????

    I went by the guest services window and they credited the difference back to my card. Just a word to the wise, I asked the cast member If lowering the price of Express Pass is a normal policy. They said yes it happens. So if you purchase the Express Pass online check if the price goes down...
  10. disneytopdog

    WDW is a hotbed for drugs and s-ex!

    There was snow all over Main Street during MVMCP. Maybe I should have snorted some.
  11. disneytopdog

    Iger: Disney will dial back on park discounts in latter part of 2010

    Maybe this will bring back Value Seasons in September of yester year, when you actually saw a reduction in attendance
  12. disneytopdog

    All U Can Eat Trip Report

    If they offer it again for September they usually annouce it in April.
  13. disneytopdog

    Just got back on Friday 12/4

    Its like night and day, I used to swear by Disney Transportation, and the little glitches that would happen, (i.e, long waits at opening and close, standing room only, bad service to DTD) I would just chalk it up to thats just the way it is. One example, I left Epcot or DHS(I cant remember)...
  14. disneytopdog

    All U Can Eat Trip Report

    I just got back from WDW on Friday 12/4. Great trip stayed at POP so I had the FREE DINING package. It was a solo trip so I decided to do ALl, Buffets. I did all dinners and they were for around 5p. I arrived early at nost and got seated right away. Longest wait to be seated was 19 minutes...
  15. disneytopdog

    Just got back on Friday 12/4

    Second solo trip was at WDW 11/29-12/4. That was after 3 days at US/IOA. Crowds at WDW were larger than I had expected but still very manageable. Show attractions were maybe 3/4 full. Except for Nemo. As expected the crowds got larger towards the end of week. They were doing the Xmas...
  16. disneytopdog

    Do I stand a chance of getting a refund????

    Well in 14 hours I will find out!!! I dont care if they give me cash, a meal voucher or a one day free parking pass would be fine. But I will give it a try
  17. disneytopdog

    Just got those "Wish i were standing in the World right now" Blues

    The Cinnamon bun is my first stop on my first MK morning
  18. disneytopdog

    Do I stand a chance of getting a refund????

    I purchased a 2 park 1 day Express Pass for Friday 11/27($42.99) & Sat 11/28($31.99) online 3 months ago. On a whimI check the US/IOA website today. They lowered the Friday 11/27 Express Pass from $42.99 to $31.99. Am I entitled to the difference?
  19. disneytopdog

    Just got those "Wish i were standing in the World right now" Blues

    I purchased a new Nikon camera just for this trip. I took it to vegas to get some practice with taking pictures of lights at night, I will get the main street bakery and post it.
  20. disneytopdog

    Just got those "Wish i were standing in the World right now" Blues

    Never been to the World at this time of year so cant wait for the total Disney Christmas experience
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