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  1. MikeTaylorSound

    buying a home at golden oaks

    I want to say HOA is $45k per month... perks are daily landscaping, getting picked up and taken to the theme parks, VIP tours, exclusive pool and golf(?) access given to guests while visiting your residence. I want to say Premiere Passes are included or World's new Club33 spaces (if not that...
  2. MikeTaylorSound

    How much of Disney World has to be open for you to go?

    I'm not going to lie and say I'm not itching to go and enjoy a week away from all of this stuff (and I realize it may be a new normal for masks in public for a couple years), but I'm also ready to experience new attractions. I think we may skip 2021 and wait an see how this plays out. Plan a few...
  3. MikeTaylorSound

    Do you really want to return quickly?

    Moved our May discount rate 4-night stay to November. If baseball returns around 4th of July weekend, then I'm sure theme parks will, too. If we see a spike in cases again, they might shut down again.
  4. MikeTaylorSound

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    I think we're gonna see projects cut because of the shutdowns. EPCOT will suffer. Cuts: SSE enhancement Play pavilion Moana-inspired water feature Two-story fireworks viewing area Additions: Rat, Guardians, and Space 220 will be it for at least a decade (I hope I'm wrong).
  5. MikeTaylorSound

    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    Rat building is on the new park map for F&G. SSE is closing May 26. I'm hoping for soft opening days the week before...
  6. MikeTaylorSound

    Horizons Exit Music

    Horizons Exit Music
  7. MikeTaylorSound

    DHS has a Star Wars problem.

    Star Tours is close enough to the entrance of SW:GE that it seems fine to me. I feel like all the park needs now is CarsLand in that big area of land behind The Showcase building where Lightning McQueen Racing Academy is now (corner of World Dr and E Buena Vista Dr).
  8. MikeTaylorSound

    FOP Fastpass 30 Days Out

    No luck. We're checking back every day. We have 1 for Na'vi River Journey, but we'll swap for FoP if we get a chance.
  9. MikeTaylorSound

    News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    Aberdeen is 2 hours away from Seattle. That's where Nirvana came from.
  10. MikeTaylorSound

    Star Wars Augmented Reality Package

    ..."any unauthorized field trips" -DINOSAUR
  11. MikeTaylorSound

    News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close

    I'd say my biggest complaint with Hollywood Studios is people leaving Fantasmic! clogging up Sunset Blvd on their way out of the park. Utilize a park exit bypass (like MK), using a small portion of Perimeter Road and just south of the boat launch build a bridge to the parking lot/buses. Wait a...
  12. MikeTaylorSound

    News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close

    I think that the blue light saber effect during the nighttime show could have some influence on the design. The only thing left of Hollywood Studios is Sunset Blvd., really. I just see a less sophisticated version of the park in the years to come. They'll rename the park along with its...
  13. MikeTaylorSound

    Favorite Area Music?

    HORIZONS had, by far, the best musical score created for an attraction at a Disney park. Even the demos that they never used were well-suited for this attraction. Of course, David Arkenstone was a part of the project. He's the guy that wrote "Papillion" for everyone's beloved Innoventions' Loop...
  14. MikeTaylorSound

    If you could change one thing about each theme park at WDW, what would you change?

    Magic Kingdom Dock the Liberty Belle and use it at night as a Wishes viewing area, create a people-eating river ride attraction themed to tie into Frontierland (Oregon-trail-eque scenario for fording the river, possibly keep the Tom Sawyer connection), use most of the space at Ft. Langhorn like...
  15. MikeTaylorSound

    connect the Animal Kingdom by monorail

    The best/shortest way to do this (a form of new construction and transportation) from EPCOT to Animal Kingdom would be starting it by the buses and ending at a new, second location at the rear of Rafiki's Planet Watch.
  16. MikeTaylorSound

    Disney Misheard Lyrics

    Yo-Ho, a pirate's life for me... We're devils and black sheep, really bad eggs. We're beggars and blighters, ne'er do-well cads.
  17. MikeTaylorSound

    any advice on how to allocate the days?

    Since you haven't been in awhile, might I remind you that you will be walking a lot. We usually go to AK early and in the middle of the week (you can get on KS without a FP even if you're a little late to rope drop); you can see everything (unless you want to go to Rafiki's Planet Watch) in...
  18. MikeTaylorSound

    Will Epcot have a change in appearance after Star Wars?

    EPCOT needed to quit REPLACING and start OPENING, because there are/were already buildings to use... Millenium Village is still there, WoL Pavilion is still there, Odyssey Building (which is great for taking secluded grumpers) is still there, upstairs ImageWorks is still there, Innoventions...
  19. MikeTaylorSound

    What Will Break Ground First?

    Innovations at FLE #1. Swinging cars on 7DMT would be the most innovative #2. The ETwB magical door that opens wider #3. Themed areas at BOG Plenty of let downs, though.
  20. MikeTaylorSound

    Stitch's Great Escape Tencennial Celebration

    Put a WALL-E spinner in there. ;)
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