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  1. Moka

    News Peak heat index to hit 112F at Walt Disney World theme parks this week

    Just returned from a weekend at the parks - Magic Kingdom on Saturday and DHS Sunday. We survived. Absolutely brutal though. First thing I heard in Magic Kingdom when I entered was someone losing their lunch.
  2. Moka

    Dinosaur has seen better days

    And that's the thing that really sucks. With some real love put into it Dinoland could be super great. But instead, they're letting it rot away to then use that as an excuse to gut it sometime in the far future. Disney gonna Disney.
  3. Moka

    Disney’s Mufasa - the lion king

    Based off the teaser they showed at D23, I'm interested.
  4. Moka

    Expedition Everest effects status watch

    This is actually incredible to hear. I love it when Expedition Everest is at its peak performance.
  5. Moka

    Ms. Marvel TV Series in the Works for Disney+

    The show started pretty fun. Love the style.
  6. Moka

    Best Marvel Ride in Orlando

    I have been on all of them except for Cosmic Rewind. Until I finally get to ride Rewind and judge it for myself, my vote will remain with The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. It holds up very well even after almost 25 years.
  7. Moka

    Lost and Found - success!

    That's awesome! Always nice to hear of a great experience in regards to something like this.
  8. Moka

    POLL: Will transportation within WDW - (bus/boat/Skyliner/monorail) remain free?

    My instant response to this question was a solid yes, it would remain free. But then I remembered it's Disney so it's never out of the question that they could charge for transportation again like they once did. But I'm still going to say yes for the time being. At least for the monorail and...
  9. Moka

    Ms. Marvel TV Series in the Works for Disney+

    I'm surprised with the amount of positive reviews I saw today, after all the negative talk. I'm excited to see what it offers.
  10. Moka

    Baby Zebra at AKL Dies

    Very heartbreaking. :(
  11. Moka

    Little Mermaid queue globe falls and shatters

    BREAKING: No more ceiling decorations in future attractions to save money for guest safety.
  12. Moka

    New Africa Layout Causing Dangerous Traffic Flow Issues

    Was there on the 27th, yeah, that area sucks. Only went for Festival of the Lion King and didn't go back in that corner.
  13. Moka

    Has HarmonioUS and/or Enchantment Grown on You?

    Saw Enchantment last night for the first time in person. It's bad that in the middle of the show I began to think "man... I really wish I was watching Happily Ever After right now." I don't feel anything in that show. Half of the projections still feel like they don't fit correctly or align. I...
  14. Moka

    Crowd levels this week? November 9-12

    I've been hearing it has been quite busy lately. Planning on going next weekend to Magic Kingdom and DHS. I'll see how that goes.
  15. Moka

    What’s POSITIVE about disney recently?

    I'm in love with the beacons of magic mini shows.
  16. Moka

    Was Happily Ever After to much for WDW?

    They simply flopped.
  17. Moka

    how long are you willing to wait for a ride?

    For a ride I have never done before, up to 90-120. Something I've done, probably around 50 or less.
  18. Moka

    Spaceship Earth: Our Shared Story Canceled?

    Last I heard it was "delayed indefinitely". This well over a year ago. They're not going to have Spaceship Earth closed for the 50th celebration timeframe, or EPCOT's 40th (my thoughts, not fact). So no idea.
  19. Moka

    Beacons of Magic

    SSE is going to be a disaster when those lights start burning out, and I feel like that will be the reason they won't use them at all after 2023. If you see what it looks like when just one of them is out, yikes. But yes, SSE is absolutely the best looking out of all of them. Stunning no doubt.
  20. Moka

    News Disney KiteTails coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom October 1

    This show will turn into seasonal mode (Holidays) real quick after the peak of the 50th. During that time, I'd imagine they're going to rework it big time. I hear they're adding a target to where it's supposed to land so it doesn't look weird to the audience. In any scenario, I hope this show...
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