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    News 'Encanto' and 'Indiana Jones'-themed experiences at Animal Kingdom

    I just don’t see either Encanto and Indie fitting into AK. Indie is already in HS. Encanto or Indiana doesn’t have enough animals in there stories to offer a proper fit in a park themed around animals. Disney is now trying to make the main theme about lands just to include there IP . Indiana...
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    News Wakanda joins Coco, Zootopia, and Encanto on Disney Parks' future blue sky expansion list, reveals Josh D'Amaro

    Disney seems to be using newer IP and plunking it anywhere and contriving scenarios to try to make it fit. Why is a 1920 -1930’s attraction in Frontierland? That is where Tiana’s attraction will be. It belongs in Fantasyland where the princesses reside. And what does Encanto and Indiana Jones...
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    BLT Disappointment

    The studios at OKW are very small. The redo the did a few years ago was more DIY in the bedroom and kitchenette area. The bathroom was the only area that appeared to look new. Same furniture ( head boards , table,chairs and chest were painted dark brown. not a very Kew West or coastal vibe.I...
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    BLT Disappointment

    We are DVC members since 1992. Have never received a survey . We usually use DVC at least twice a year for 7-10 day visits . I am wondering if the reason no surveys is because we are in our 70's and not the demographic that Disney is interested in ? Just a thought.
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    Bob Weis steps down as WDI President

    Well, Bob Chapek lives too far from Disneyland ,except to make an occasional visit . And since he lives in California WDW will be a seldom visit. I don't even think he takes the time to read about the customers or cast members opinions about or reactions to the parks.
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    Bob Weis steps down as WDI President

    Not with just a Bachelor degree. Doesn't sound like she used it other than in the PR sector.
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    Living with the baboons

    I agree. When the parks are packed and long lines ensue peoples behavior seems to digress to children like behaviors. Pushing , line cutting , loud rude comments and other behavior hosted by irritation . Everyone wants to ride attractions with little or no wait. Everyone wants the most out of...
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    Connections Cafe and Eatery

    The concept picture is almost monochromatic . Other than the mural and a few people dressed in pinks and white all other people in the drawing are wearing shades of blue. It makes me blue . Where is the world of color. Where's the diversity of color in their clothes. I can not imagine an...
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I agree with you. The elderly, the obese and smokers are more vulnerable . People that have autoimmune disease , on chemotherapy ,prolonged steroid therapy are also vulnerable. Anyone with asthma, cancer ,respiratory disease or heart disease or diabetes are vulnerable . So if someone has...
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    Western River and Splash Mountain are alike in one unfortunate way

    I don't understand why splash mountain has to be changed. As far as " Song of the South" the movie I understand . But, Uncle Remus is not in Splash Mountain. I did research on Uncle Remus and the connection with Brer Rabbit. Uncle Remus was actually a fictional folk hero in the south. He told...
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    Is WDW's 50th Anniversary a Flop

    I feel that the 50th Anniversary is lackluster because of Disney's financial looses from COVID and also due to the goals of administration. I love Disney World and enjoy Pandora and Galaxy's Edge . But, what Universal did with Harry Potter is so much on a different elevated level. Disney missed...
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    Best domestic Disney park?

    Did Bob Chapek ever read or hear Walt' s desire for this parks. There probably would not be a WDW if Walt could of extended Disneyland in this manner.
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    Complimentary Transportation Bus ever discontinued?

    The day they start to charge for bus transportation to the parks will be the day I sell my DVC and say good- bye to WDW. Just added up all the increases in prices from food , Genie + , souvenirs and incidentals I feel that I have adequately contributed to their losses in 2019/2020.
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    how long are you willing to wait for a ride?

    I would wait 40 minutes if weather is nice. I would only wait 30 minutes if it is hot and humid and hope they overestimated on the wait time. I used fast pass in the past and I guess I got spoiled . At present the 40 minute wait seems terribly long. I am not to be in the sun for long due to an...
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    Old Key West studios.

    Just a FYI. Old Key West villas are larger then most Disney Faction Villas . However, beware that the studios have 2 beds but no pull out sofa or pull down bed. There is only a small wooden table and and two small wooden chairs. No place to relax except the beds. It will only accommodate four...
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    Am I doing something wrong? I did notice that I was commenting on some old posts. Still trying...

    Am I doing something wrong? I did notice that I was commenting on some old posts. Still trying to find my way around.
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    'it's a small world' Refurbishment July 27-29

    White on white works it there is texture introduced and different shades of white otherwise it is bland , boring and does not help in depicting details in the structure. I too like the use of color since it encourages your eyes to roam the whole canvas and notice the details and difference in...
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    News New Club Cool opens Summer 2021 at EPCOT

    You must be reading Bob Chapek's mind.
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    Making a better Magic Kingdom (update on pg. 8)

    Police Station. We all know there's no crime in Disney World.
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