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  1. GVentola

    Disney hasn't lost its magic, but this forum has

    Even on the most innocent subjects, somebody starts an argument. They are trying to prove themselves more holy or politically correct than the other person, or trying to accuse that person of being prejudiced, homophobic, or rude to nursing mothers. I come here to share my opinions on all...
  2. GVentola

    Looking for some help planning a trip 💜

    A lot of character meals are buffets, and buffets a lot of times are pretty expensive--like $50 a person. If your daughter considers herself "too old" for characters, I would skip this. (Though I'm 46, and I went to Minnie's Seasonal buffet at Disney's Hollywood Studios alone just a few weeks...
  3. GVentola

    Things I'll Never Do At Disney Again............

    Maybe, but it didn't taste like chicken. I'm getting tired of you and your mean replies to my posts.
  4. GVentola

    Things I'll Never Do At Disney Again............

    World Showcase is something of "little interest"? A chance to learn about different countries and cultures and talk to people from those countries? Seriously?
  5. GVentola

    Things I'll Never Do At Disney Again............

    I'm a fussy eater and do better with Chicken McNuggets than French food. I somehow snagged a reservation to BOG for supper. I was seated in the ballroom. The atmosphere was cool and I'm glad I got to experience it, but they had no chicken on the menu. Nothing looked like something I'd be...
  6. GVentola

    Quick Queue and photo packages

    A friendly warning before one of the not-so-nice members of this forum gets on your case: You should move this to the Other Orlando Attractions area of the forum (scroll down past all the Disney stuff and you'll see sections like this covering non-Disney topics). There are three options there...
  7. GVentola

    Not much of a planner

    Some attractions you don't need FastPasses for. I'm thinking Journey into Imagination and The Living Seas with Nemo ride at Future World at Epcot. You can reserve FPs for them, but why bother when you can often walk right on them? A great ride at Animal Kingdom, Dinosaur, seldom has a long...
  8. GVentola

    Unpopular WDW Opinions

    I don't mind Brazilian tour groups as much as some of you do. Their enthusiasm is infectious. Think of it this way--their singing turns real life into a Disney musical!
  9. GVentola

    Best WDW Restaurants #3 MGM/DHS

    Studio Catering Company used to be my favorite counter service restaurant at DHS, though it's closed now. Not sure why I liked it so much, as it didn't have much atmosphere (though you could sit next to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, but that's also now extinct.) I love the antipasto...
  10. GVentola

    Not much of a planner

    Some Epcot full service restaurants that I have been able to get into without reservations: San Angel Inn (Mexico), Nine Dragons (China), Tutto Gusto Wine Celler (Italy). Anyone had experiences with any others?
  11. GVentola

    First year Passholder questions!?

    This may not be the best advice depending on how far you live from Disney World. It takes me about a half hour to 45 minutes to get to any WDW destination from my house in West Orlando. I often decide early in the week where to go to, what things I'd like to do (a minimum of three things--ride...
  12. GVentola

    Honeymoon Trip, Recommended Dining?

    I think the San Angel Inn in Epcot's Mexican pavilion has a really romantic atmosphere--dining "outside" in the night with tables by a river where you can watch people ride a boat into the Gran Fiesta Tour ride (kinda like DL's Blue Bayou by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride). But I must warn...
  13. GVentola

    Ridiculous or just plain weird in-queue stories, I wanna hear 'em.

    I don't recall him saying much. I'm pretty sure I said, "thank you", though.
  14. GVentola

    Ridiculous or just plain weird in-queue stories, I wanna hear 'em.

    I forget which line it was, I'm thinking a Fantasyland dark ride, but the guy in front of me was sharing a box of Willy Wonka Nerds candy with his family, and he turned around and gave me some. Then he gave me some more. I enjoy Nerds but don't have them often, so I was glad to accept. It was...
  15. GVentola

    Just Back and a few complaints

    Bubbles cheer me up, so when I'm at the park and walk through a wall of bubbles, I feel it adds to the magic. But I can understand why some may not like it, especially that poster that got it in her contact lens. Ouch! Anyone been to that bubble show at SeaWorld? I was up front and center...
  16. GVentola

    Which trip is better?

    Festival of the Holidays could be more magical than Flower & Garden. About the only thing F&G gets me in the park for now is its Garden Rocks artists, and even that I don't go to as much anymore. Are either of you into gardening? I'm not, so the seminars are of no interest to me, but they may...
  17. GVentola

    What will replace Rock 'N' Roller Coaster + "Magical Mystery Tour Coaster" Idea

    A Beatles ride would be cool, but I'm afraid an "acid trip" wouldn't be appropriate to Disney's family values. But then again, Aerosmith isn't exactly a saintly band themselves!
  18. GVentola

    Rain...Parks operations?

    Pros: You may run into shorter lines if you don't let the rain stop you from walking through the parks. Perhaps you'll get on many more attractions! Cons: It's miserable walking in the pouring rain.
  19. GVentola

    Honeymoon help

    Cirque du Soleil is temporarily closed now, unfortunately, but they are planning a new show featuring a Disney theme. For a restaurant with romantic atmosphere, try San Angel Inn, inside the Mexican pavilion at Epcot. It's right at the front of World Showcase, so you won't have to walk a mile...
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