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    AVATAR land - the specifics

    Screamscape is reporting that height survey balloons were seen at AK I think yesterday and that Joe Rhode announced to his cast members that construction is beginning. Here is the link:
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    Hunger Games in the parks?

    Does anyone else think these movies would make great attractions or a great land/experience? I love the books and the movie was awesome, and the franchise is still very relevant, and will continue to be.
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    New Fast Pass Testing at Splash Mountain?

    See I agree with Scuttle on this one. I usually do use late fastpasses alot when Im there, and I really have never had a problem with long fastpass lines late at night. So I for one, really dont like the idea of this..
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    Any rumors about AK expansion?

    I think it is a great mix between theme park and zoo though! Some rides and some animal encounters! The park mixes perfectly to me!
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    Pixar Place Questions

    I hope so! I would LOVE the Monsters Inc. Coaster. They could tear down the BLT and expand even further. I really don't care for a RSR here though. I never really liked Cars, so I could go without the RSR.
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    Any rumors about AK expansion?

    I don't understand the hate for Animal Kingdom. I love AK! There aren't alot of rides or attractions, but what really sets it apart is the atmosphere! And the rides they have are awesome! I love Everest, Dinosaur, Kali River and the Safari. The shows are really good as well, like Nemo and Lion...
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    Does the singer in Voyage of the Little Mermaid lipsynch?

    Hi! My family is in an argument about this! Any answers?
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    Worst Meal at Disney

    My worst meals: Counter Service: Lotus Blossom(:hurl:) and ABC Commisary Table Service: Hollywood and Vine lunch :hurl:
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    Test Track Question

    Well, getting back to the topic, it happened both times we rode it. Maybe we had a defective or broken car?
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    Storybook Circus Discussion

    So, Lee, there is a new tent?
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    Test Track Question

    Hi! I have a question. When we were at EPCOT on June 1 and 2, after the ABS segment, the audio turned off the rest of the ride. I heard other cars with audio though? Anyone know more?
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    Storybook Circus Discussion

    The new concept art is very interesting. Originally, the tents left were supposed to stay where they were and one be a gift shop and the other be a meet n greet. It looks like with the new art, the blue tent gets moved. I think it could stay the meetn greet. The red tent looks like it will stay...
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    Disney Confidential says Wishes will be ending soon?

    NOOO! Wishes is amazing! I don't want it to end. I would be so sad to see it go :(
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    Will American Idol contestants be at Hollywood Studios next weekend?

    Hi! Since I will be in WDW next weekend, I was wondering if Idol contestants will be at DHS? It is only 3 days after the finale and I thought at least the winner would be there. Anybody know? Thanks!
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    Movies that have no ride/attraction at WDW

    :lol: Ok, I didn't mean for it to turn into this. Haha. I was just trying to show there are some movies that I think should have an attraction that don't!
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    Movies that have no ride/attraction at WDW

    True! I think they could so something good with Hercules!
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    Movies that have no ride/attraction at WDW

    Hi! I have always wondered why some classic Disney Movies don't have rides, attractions, or shows at WDW! There are lots of great classics that could be made into an attraction! Here are some just to name a few: Hercules(my personal favorite. I've always wondered why there isnt an attraction...
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    How Many Days for You...(Part 5)

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    May 2011 Roll Call.....

    May 27-June 4th at POP!!!! :)
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    Story Book Circus?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I think we should wait to judge the area.. I personally am excited for Circusland!! :)
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