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  1. BigRedDad

    How much did your trip cost?

    The Disney Rewards redemption card can be used anywhere that is a Disney property. All parks, all restaurants on property, all stores on property, and all Disney stores. I have $350 on mine which will cover most meals for our trip starting tomorrow. If staying onsite, it is easier. Just put all...
  2. BigRedDad

    Dumbest Thing You've Heard a Guest Say: Florida Edition

    I'd be walking around in shorts and Hawaiian shirt until it gets below 40.
  3. BigRedDad

    Things I'll Never Do At Disney Again............

    I took the Disney Discount price and still saved 88.9%. You fail to realize that equivalent accommodations are insanely different in prices. Value Season for Disney, in September with the dates given and price taken from the Disney site, clearly show a 2BR/2BA unit at SSR is $4,944. There is no...
  4. BigRedDad

    Things I'll Never Do At Disney Again............

    No, Reunion Resort (3BR/3BA for $550 for 7-nights), WBC (2BR/2BA for 7-nights $550), Orange Lake Resort (2BR/2BA $700 for 7-nights). I save at least 90% for equivalent Disney accommodations and I get better than Disney amenities. Go find it on Disney for the same accommodations and prices. Just...
  5. BigRedDad

    How much did your trip cost?

    No issue for me sharing, but I have to break it out over the course of the trips and spread the cost of APs. This is for a family of 3 adults (DD12 is a Disney adult). Week 1: WBC ($560 7-nights), APs (3 adults $700), 1/2 of RT drive ($100), food and drinks ($300 mostly at WBC), souvenirs...
  6. BigRedDad

    Things I'll Never Do At Disney Again............

    Stay onsite. Disney is far too proud of their accommodations. I'll save 90% and stay offsite Goes with #1, but rely on Disney transportation. The only thing slower than Disney buses is Plutos orbit around the sun. Eat more than 1 TS on property. SO many better restaurants offsite with better...
  7. BigRedDad

    Just back - some advice

    Just curious what rate you paid. For comparison purposes, we are in a 3BR./3BA at Reunion for less than $7/nt which covers all fees (except $710 cc hold for onsite purchase that the difference gets refunded at the end of the week).
  8. BigRedDad

    Wyndham Bonnet Creek

    I know this is old, but you are probably looking at the "hotel" part of WBC and not the timeshare side. I would not book the timeshare side through Wyndham either. It is too expensive. To rent timeshares, you need to find reliable owners. Rent through them for pennies on the dollar. Our 1BR at...
  9. BigRedDad

    Best Supermarket off-property?

    Tons of options and the day/time of week you go will impact your experience. Saturday Sunday are insane with the tourists coming in. If you have to go one of those days do it early in the morning. Believe it or not, Wally World is great down there. Meat section is one of the better ones around...
  10. BigRedDad

    Favorite AFFORDABLE off property

    Renting from a timeshare owner has been my go to solution. You avoid "resort fees", "parking fees", and other addons. Pretty much what you see from the renter is what you pay. The amenities are above Disney. You get so much more for so much less. My trip in 3-days is a 3BR/3BA at Reunion Resort...
  11. BigRedDad

    Why do you stay off site?

    I will chime in because I am doing it in 3 days. Far cheaper. 7-nights in a 3BR/3BA Deluxe room at Reunion resort ($550) vs Pop Century for the same dates was $1,500. 3x the bedrooms, 3x the baths, full kitchen Better than Disney accommodations Better than Disney amenities Activities all day...
  12. BigRedDad

    So they ban selfie sticks...

    I am for banning ECVs and strollers as well. Been run over by both and get the oh sorry look. I want give them the "oh sorry hawaiian punch!!!" to see how they like it.
  13. BigRedDad

    Admission for a border line three year old?

    If your kid is not 3 at the start of the trip, you do not need to purchase a ticket if they turn 3 during it. If your child is 3 at the start of the trip, you buy a ticket. If you don't, you are a thief. With the prices for tickets, this is probably enough for it to be grand theft (some counties...
  14. BigRedDad

    Disney Springs - A must do or just another mall

    It's a must-do for us, but for the Disney side. We want no part of the shopping district. Such a waste of space. Putting it all in and trying to Rodeo Drive it makes it ridiculous. The prices for those stores are insane to begin with. Now tack on the Disney premium and I have no clue how they...
  15. BigRedDad

    UBER from resort to parks

    Buses are hit or miss. POR was the stay that convinced me to drive down all the time. It may have been bad luck, bad CMs, poor bus service...who knows. The only recommendation I can make is if the park has a separate stop for POFQ, hop on that bus and just walk back to POR. This is what we did...
  16. BigRedDad

    Cost of Disney

    There are several categories of people I see that go to WDW. Those that spend $15k on a vacation without blinking an eye. I wish I could be part of this group Those that spend $15k + $1 on a vacation because they cannot go on a vacation that is less or below the family in their social circle...
  17. BigRedDad

    Come on man!

    3-nights mid-week in a 250sf Value resort cost more than 7-nights in a 1,000+ fully equipped 2BR deluxe condo with 10x more resort amenities. can accommodate 8 comfortably only 2 miles away...Come on man!!!
  18. BigRedDad

    Was it more relaxed in the early days of the park?

    Yes. Back then, you just went and had fun. Now, you have to plan a military regimented attack on the parks because they are too crowded and require so much work before hand. When you go now, look at how many people are miserable, yelling at kids, and complain like crazy because of lines.
  19. BigRedDad

    Anyone else, had frustrating situations with their Travel Agent??

    That is a job they chose. I am hiring them to find me the best rate possible for my desired vacation. If they are doing less work than I am doing to find the best rates and accommodations, then what am I really paying for? Its my money and I will use it the way I choose. If you don't care about...
  20. BigRedDad

    Best lens for the parks

    You said you want a lens for your phone. That is not something I would do. If you are talking about a DSLR/mirrorless, the standard kit lens is more than enough. There will be tons of BF deals. 18-55mm is all you need, but a prime will be just as good if not better and lighter
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