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  1. Ldno

    50th Anniversary Castle?

    Closest thing is this Jim shore castle: Hope it helps!
  2. Ldno

    Family of 4 but kids don't want to sleep in same bed

    with the way reservations and Disney genie +, how do you sneak that many guests in a room?
  3. Ldno

    Why do you stay off site?

    It’s honestly how I grew up with my mom waiting on the buses for the parks! in comparison a resort stay will be the Most expensive purchase in a typical vacation and my logic behind is that i only need a room to put my stuff in and sleep, I’m gone all day and leave for rope drop And depending...
  4. Ldno

    Marvel Collectibles Infinity Stone collection

    The release of the relics is based on how they showed up in the infinity saga, since the Tesseract was the first in Captain America 1, Loki’s scepter in avengers, etc. They were but they were park exclusive, I have been waiting for ages for them to show on shopdisney! What’s up with the Thanos...
  5. Ldno

    10 years old eating and paying for the kids menu ?

    So my kids are 9 now but the Disney App age checks you only when buying tickets, with that said though my girlfriend made a dumb decision whenever she selected one of the kids was 10 and oh boy it was a mess, the server kept asking us about the third adult's order but I didn't catch on because I...
  6. Ldno

    Disney’s Q3 FY22 Earnings Results Webcast

    WYM it's already gone for me lololol.
  7. Ldno

    Post your experiences without Genie+ at WDW

    People have had mixed experiences when it comes to Genie +, but I can tell you that Disney Punishes you for not using it. I have been going to the parks all my life, key important trips was the week the park shutdown back in march of 2020, with the old school fast pass system in place and the...
  8. Ldno

    News Disney domestic theme park attendance now at 2019 levels with per capita spending up 40 percent

    Dude seriously, a legacy lightsaber in 2019 started at 109.99 now each one I bought was 149.99 they keep rising prices and pretend we don’t notice but sky’s the limit on other news they don’t sell out as much anymore though lolol It’s funny because we keep getting attacked by friends and family...
  9. Ldno

    Disney Tiny Town Ornament collection

    This awesome! This working me up with Disney because I only have seen 3-4 of these in stock, and I wish I could buy them all from Shop Disney website 😭😭
  10. Ldno

    Dinosaur has seen better days

    That’s the thing, it used to be rougher an all around better experience, they tamed it down a lot, it use to be a good ride but now it feels like meh for sure lol Hey on other news the carnotaurus has been fixed again for the time being lol
  11. Ldno

    Dinosaur has seen better days

    I always thought the train that went to rafiki’s planet watch was a train that went around the world, could you imagine if expedition Everest had a real train stop? 😍
  12. Ldno

    Dinosaur has seen better days

    Sometimes I do feel like we need some sort of transportation all the away across disney springs, they should go with a mini monorail
  13. Ldno

    Dinosaur has seen better days

    They say this but Galaxy’s Edge feels like it was built for Disneyland more than Hollywood Studios. It’s perfectly set up around both entrances in Frontierland and Fantasyland that you are walking towards another planet. In hollywood studios it’s just shoehorned in Toy Story Land and that...
  14. Ldno

    Disney Tiny Town Ornament collection

    I came back from disney a couple of weeks back, they have been making more on the down low, Germany does have a pavilion ornament but they released a New France Pavillion one! I know i’m reviving an old thread because Disney has not putout anything in regards to this, the Disney stores in...
  15. Ldno

    Dinosaur has seen better days

    Speaking of which, disco carnotaurus
  16. Ldno

    Dinosaur has seen better days

    Rode this late in June, it's not working, similar to Disco Yeti. They stopped the head back in 2016 after the last refurb of this ride, that was a huge scare factor of this ride back in the day but no flying pterodactyl no Carnotaurus head movement. It does, the ride in Disneyland perfectly...
  17. Ldno

    What do you consider the best and worst expansion/new land added to WDW in the 2010's?

    We all know Disney dropped the ball on Galaxies Edge when they still plan to use the Launch Bay and want to bring characters outside their ST for photoops. Why they never did this inside the empty spaces in batuu is beyond me. I'm not going to lie Disneyland's use of Galaxies Edge works better...
  18. Ldno

    What do you consider the best and worst expansion/new land added to WDW in the 2010's?

    I remember this haha, it was next to the Muppets place I remember 😭 It really Does fall short, im still baffled we never an Al Toy Barn store or any legit pizza planet goods other than shirts, instead they themed with a backyard we never ever saw in the movies and almost zero shade, even toy...
  19. Ldno

    Dinosaur has seen better days

    It was working back in 2017, they toned down this ride a lot to be honest. I remember being chased by a dinosaur but now you just hear it from a distance 🫣 They already have Avatar, bugs life, Nemo, park changes for sure but interesting to see what plans they have for dinoland. DHS is the...
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