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  1. SkratchyTheWolf

    Disney Puns

    Takes place in Disneyland but figured some of the puns could still apply to WDW
  2. SkratchyTheWolf

    Puns in Disneyland

    A friend of mine and her boyfriend went to Disneyland this past weekend. This was the result.
  3. SkratchyTheWolf

    Epcots New Soarin'..

    Seeing as Soarin' is located near the entrance to Epcot I think it would make the most sense to fly over landmarks found in the countries featured in the world showcase. It would be a nice introduction to Epcot as a whole.
  4. SkratchyTheWolf

    Need some advice and guidance for Disney Trip!

    Hey man! I happen to know EXACTLY what your going through. My parents actually paid for a trip for my girlfriend and I in 2010 after our graduation (Oddly enough the trip took place around the same time in August and we happened to have been together for 2 years as well). Anyways, you're going...
  5. SkratchyTheWolf

    Help me name our new dog !

    Mowgli! Or Pluto?
  6. SkratchyTheWolf

    Hologram Attractions!

    This past month, a music festival in California known as Coachella took place. Whilst performing, Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre were joined on stage by an old friend known as Tupac Shakur. Why is this significant you ask? Because Tupac Shakur has been dead for the past 16 years. So how was it...
  7. SkratchyTheWolf

    Most Prized Disney Possession?

    I think this is one of my favorite answers so far haha:lol:
  8. SkratchyTheWolf

    Most Prized Disney Possession?

    What is your most prized Disney possession? I haven't seen this question posted before and I'm extremely curious as to what many of your answers will be. For me it's a toss up between a few items I collected in 2010 when my girlfriend and I went on our first trip alone together. 1. My...
  9. SkratchyTheWolf

    First DisneyLAND visit

    Awesome! I'm so excited now! Earlier today I was getting rather anxious due to my fear of flying (I'm going from Boston to LA, so it's a bit of a long flight too) but after reading all your comments I actually feel quite a bit better knowing I'll have so much to look forward to once I arrive! I...
  10. SkratchyTheWolf

    First DisneyLAND visit

    Hey everyone! In a few weeks my Dad and I will be heading to California to look at a school out there. However, one of the day's that we are there we will be taking the time to head over to Disneyland. Now I've been to WDW a dozen or so times and pretty much know my way around those parks...
  11. SkratchyTheWolf

    3 Things I Would Most Like to Do... If I Couldn't Get in Trouble For It

    Nice! If the haunted mansion room renovations happen you'll get your wish soon enough :p
  12. SkratchyTheWolf

    3 Things I Would Most Like to Do... If I Couldn't Get in Trouble For It

    1. Get down and dirty with all the Disney princesses 2. Sleep in the Mexico pavilion. (with all the ambient lighting and stars I think it would be so cool!) 3. Go skinny dipping at typhoon lagoon... With all the Disney princesses ;P
  13. SkratchyTheWolf

    EPCOT Center Coins

    Today I was at my local flea market and stumbled upon a few coins that caught my attention. On the front: "Walt Disney World EPCOT CENTER" On the back: "1982 Walt Disney Production" and "EPCOT CENTER WILL FOREVER BE A SOURCE OF JOY, INSPIRATION, HOPE AND NEW KNOWLEDGE TO THOSE WHO COME...
  14. SkratchyTheWolf

    Favorite MK land and why?

    Definitely Adventure Land, I'm a huuuge fan of Pirates of the Caribbean :D
  15. SkratchyTheWolf

    Flea Market Findings

    After seeing this post I decided to run to my local flea market for the first time in a few years and see if I could find anything interesting. There was sooo much vintage stuff it was ridiculous, even a snow white/prince charming doll set in the box for only $20. However, what caught my eye...
  16. SkratchyTheWolf

    The very first attraction I visited at WDW was?

    First ride ever: Alien Encounter... needless to say that vacation was ruined and I didn't want to go back to Disney for another 6 years. Thanks Dad.:brick:
  17. SkratchyTheWolf

    It's my GF's first time to Disney!!!

    Me and my girlfriend went last year (we were 18 at the time) and honestly we made our last day there the most magical and I will NEVER forget it. We went to Magic Kingdom on our last day, and did the Pirate makeover thing. It's a bit pricey but was totally worth it. You'll get a pirate name (me...
  18. SkratchyTheWolf

    Beach Club or AK Lodge?

    I don't think I'd like to do the yacht again just because I want to try something new and the resort seems a little to "formal" for my taste other than that though I honestly did like the resort
  19. SkratchyTheWolf

    Beach Club or AK Lodge?

    Thanks for the quick replies I appreciate the input :) Is there any other resorts you might recommend too?
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