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    Rental question

    DVD (the developer) has only declared 30 cabins into DVC inventory at this point. More will be declared as sales progress. The remaining undeclared cabins will not be eligible to be booked by DVC members using points but will be made available for cash reservations thru Disney. What this means...
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    What are your travel plans this 2024?

    We're doing a transatlantic cruise later next month. We'll make stops in Portugal, Spain, France and then disembark in England where we will spend 3 nights before flying home. Then we have a conference in Disney World in the fall. In all likelihood, we will spend a few nights at the Jersey...
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    News Disney plans to accelerate Parks investment to $60 billion over 10 years

    Speculation that large portion of domestic spending will be on resort improvements and more DVC expansion Cost comparison of Disney resort prices vs Universal (side discussion of benefits gained/lost/never given) Cost comparison of Disney resorts from season to season, vs Universal vs off-site...
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    I've never been on a cruise before...

    I know that RCCL has Coco Cay in the Bahamas. However, there has been a lot written lately about the costly upsells there. Daytime excursions can be fun, especially if you're visiting a place you have never gone to and do not feel comfortable winging it on your own. And they pretty much...
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    News Disney plans to accelerate Parks investment to $60 billion over 10 years

    ...and be severely pared down from the original vision.
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    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    Yeah. That, too. It's just bad show all around. We can definitely agree on that!
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    A few questions for someone a little out of touch

    So sorry that you're dealing with this. Cancer sucks. I hope that being able to reminisce about happy times will give you comfort during this time. To answer your questions: The Jammitors are still there. So are the Green Army Men and Devine. The Grand Floridian Society Orchestra is gone as is...
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    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    It's the proximity of CBR that ruins the ambiance. Riviera was literally built on what was originally CBR property. At least at Crescent Lake, every Disney resort has an Atlantic beach theme that carries from one resort to the next. At the Seven Seas Lagoon, the resorts were not built on top of...
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    I've never been on a cruise before...

    Yes, they can be a lot of fun. But if you get seasick, not so much. I would recommend taking a brief 3-4 night cruise on a medium-size ship for your first time to make sure you're not sensitive to the boat rocking. Those mega-ships can be overwhelming in their size and everything they have to...
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    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    Thank you for providing some perspective. I'm not seeing Cannes in Riviera. There's a hint of the Casino Negresco from Nice. I would have liked to see a waterside pathway that was reminiscent of the Promenade des Anglais with some of the vibrant night scene you would find there. I don't see any...
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    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    I'm not asking how it would "resinate" with me. I'm asking what YOU see as being inspired by parts of the Italian and French Rivieras. I'm guessing that you've been to those areas and can connect them to something in Disney's Riviera Resort?
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    News New Polynesian Resort DVC villas building to open 2024

    What parts of the French and Italian Riviera regions would that be?
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    Want a deal on tickets and are a T-mobile Customer ?

    Thanks! I saw the same offer on Sam's Club Travel this morning. It might be on a few sites. I just didn't bother to look further because Sam's offer expires before we expect to visit.
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    News Disney Vacation Club announces plans for more than 350 new cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

    As it stands right now, the DVC Cabins at Fort Wilderness are a part of the Fort Wilderness Resort. No new amenities were added to the Fort. If Reflections is built and it becomes part of the Fort, then I could envision it being a part of the same condo association as the Cabins. But then, it...
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    Looking for Recommended Course of Action (DVC Rental)

    Yes. It was a horrible response by DVC but their hands were tied by the convoluted way that is involved when DVC points are used for Disney hotel reservations. In this particular case, the number of DVC points needed to book a single night in a BC hotel room was actually more than the number of...
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    Looking for Recommended Course of Action (DVC Rental)

    However, that is how it is. That's how DVC works. That's how large corporations with multiple divisions work. And while Disney will bend over backwards to accommodate a cash-paying guest whose room was taken out of service or lost in Disney IT limbo, they will not do the same for a DVC member...
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    Looking for Recommended Course of Action (DVC Rental)

    Nice job of pulling part of my post and quoting it out of context. The full post was: "DVC cannot tap into cash inventory of hotel rooms but they can, under certain circumstances, pull DVC rooms back from cash inventory." Just because all money eventually funnels into the Walt Disney...
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    News 1900 Park Fare at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort reopening in April 2024

    Looks like we can cross another Disney restaurant off of our list. Really won't miss it, since it's been closed for forever.
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    Best ride at Magic Kingdom?

    I voted for HM but PotC is a very close second. There are so many small details that make both attractions re-rideable (is that a word?). I'm always seeing something new that I hadn't observed before whenever I ride either of those attractions. And I love the original back stories.
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    Split Stay Cons

    We used an UberXL for a split between BWV and AKV. It had just enough room for 2 adults and our luggage. I don't know what I would have ordered had we been moving an entire family. Maybe a Minnie Van?
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