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  1. Mickey_777

    Splash Mountain re-theme announced

    PATF deserves an entire land (E-ticket, Tianas Restaurant, M&G area, flatride etc). Not a retheming of an existing ride. This is just Di$ney saving $$$ while saving face.
  2. Mickey_777

    News Paradise Pier Becoming Pixar Pier

    I'd be much happier with the Incredicoaster if Edna had some type of movement in both the first and last scenes. Nothing crazy just a simple AA. Give large Jack Jack some eye movement too while you're at it. Also, the experience at night looks to be remarkably better. Like night and day lol...
  3. Mickey_777

    Olaf's Frozen Adventure!

    This comes too late for me...
  4. Mickey_777

    Pixar's Coco.

    We enjoy it a lot. It was just so rich in detail with amazing visuals. The story was very touching as well. I only wish it had a few more laughs but this is a solid Pixar film.
  5. Mickey_777

    Olaf's Frozen Adventure!

    I didn't like it at all. Anyone get the feeling they're "Materizing" Olaf? I used to like the character but I'm easily annoyed by him now. I audibly heard folks asking why the "short" was so long. The music was in the same vein of the the film and Frozen fever. More of the same and uninspired at...
  6. Mickey_777

    Just got back from DL Resort...few thoughts

    It was unmistakable. I suppose just about anything nefarious can take place in the Pacific Wharf restrooms during World of Color. I should have reported it but my guess is that it's a common thing now.
  7. Mickey_777

    Just got back from DL Resort...few thoughts

    Off the top of my head (and more has surely been added) there was snow on the castle as well as Christmas merch most stores. Garland/Ornaments had been placed throughout Critter Country and New Orleans Square. Over in DCA, Grizzly Peak was decked out in Garland too. World of Disney was also...
  8. Mickey_777

    Just got back from DL Resort...few thoughts

    Break/ruin/severely hamper... I'm with you as far as hoping that things do chill out after a year or so but they're building this thing in one of the more congested parts of the park as it is now. RSR and Carsland as a whole are still going strong 5 years later and as far as IP's go, it's not...
  9. Mickey_777

    Just got back from DL Resort...few thoughts

    First off, thanks for reading and I'll try to keep it brief. Second I want to thank the Dodgers and record breaking heat for keeping the parks very managable a week before Halloween. Last Tuesday was possibly the best day we've ever had at DL. Nearly everything was walk on at some point with E...
  10. Mickey_777

    Merits of DLR vs. WDW

    Having alternated between the two resorts on our last several trips, I can't compare DLR & WDW. It's like comparing your kids almost. Each have unique qualities but you love them equally.
  11. Mickey_777

    Disney's Moana

    Caught it yesterday with the family and enjoyed it. Not as much as Zootopia but that could change once the Blu Ray comes out and I can view it some more. Musical vs musical though, I found Frozen to be superior also.
  12. Mickey_777

    PizzeRizzo announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios - Was: Rumor: Pizza Planet/Mama Melrose closing?

    They've done a great job making it look and feel like a NYC pizzeria. If the actual pizza pies aren't up to par, it'll be a disappointment. Please don't recycle some of the other "pizza" on property and serve it here.
  13. Mickey_777

    The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History'

    I won't find Kermit's presence in LS any more offensive than Donald Duck's...or that crazy parade that rolls on through.
  14. Mickey_777

    Kilimanjaro Safaris After Dark - night safari

    We were able to catch the night safari yesterday at about 10 pm. I was underwhelmed as I really didn't see any difference with the regular daytime version save for the fact it was more difficult to see the same animals. Maybe some of the mammals were closer to the ride vehicle? The fake sunset...
  15. Mickey_777

    D-Luxe Burger coming to Disney Springs

    More like In N Out, Five Guys, and Shake Shack
  16. Mickey_777

    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    Tusker Signage by MouseTripleSeven, on Flickr
  17. Mickey_777

    D-Luxe Burger coming to Disney Springs

    The photos don't look promising IMO. I preffer two thinner patties doubled up rather than the one large pattie. Hopefully reviews will be good.
  18. Mickey_777

    D-Luxe Burger coming to Disney Springs

    The bottomless fries are nice but as far as burgers go, I'm more of a purest. Here's hoping D-lux burger doesn't go the Red Robin route with all the crispy onion strings, avocado, barbecue sauce etc I'm afraid that's probably what they mean though when they say "unique toppings".
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