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  1. terp79

    Interactive (Talking) Mickey at Town Square Theater

    WOW talking about a long time coming, I worked on this concept with WDI back in 2007. An interactive talking character (wasn't mickey at the time) that was a magician that performed with guests on main street! Finally glad to see them roll this out. But let's be honest...we all knew it was coming!
  2. terp79


    What I find interesting is that RSR was originally designed by WDI for DHS!!!! Imagineers thought this attraction would be a better fit when wanting to expand the studios way back in 2006/2007. I even know the model existed and someone who has posted in this thread saw it with their own two...
  3. terp79

    Disney(World) vs. Disney(land)?

    So true! Like asianway said it hit me like "why hadn't I gone sooner!??!?" Yes my family are complete loyalists and maybe being from Indiana and having a dad that doesn't fly is part of it but I'm kinda glad I waited and am just now experiencing the DLR for the first time, well since 2010. It...
  4. terp79

    Disney(World) vs. Disney(land)?

    That's why I will never sell ad space, my blog isn't about that. It's about an idea and that I've wanted to work for Disney now for 8 years and have been told I'm not a designer by HR.
  5. terp79

    Disney(World) vs. Disney(land)?

    So as I sit hear with my jaunty beverage and read the latest posts it makes more since as to why I now find myself wanting to go to DLR more instead of WDW. It's an odd shift in my attitude especially with my family as we were born and raised at WDW. They look at me as a traitor or something...
  6. terp79

    Disney(World) vs. Disney(land)?

    This thread is simply amazing! Not really the bickering but the original post that started it all. While all the information thrown around in here is somewhat mind blowing and boggling at the same time, it's good to read and to know about it. The original intent of the post IS indeed exciting...
  7. terp79

    It's a small world tee

    Hey guys it's Richard from designerland, check this out: Help make a dream a reality! Please take a minute to sign up and vote for my jaunty design! Thanks for the support!
  8. terp79

    Enter the Grid - Tron Attraction (Open Brainstorming)

    Kinda late on this...wdi has tons of concepts for a tron attraction not to mention one ImagiNations Team did it for their entry....
  9. terp79

    Dole Whip Size Increase?

    I like it, maybe i should of made the cup bigger on my dole whip inspired tee shirt:
  10. terp79

    Dole Whip Shirt

    Update The shirt is now on sale but for a limited time so act fast and get your order in by the end of this month. I'll only being doing one run of these so don't be late. Click here for more info and please help me get the word out! Thanks guys!
  11. terp79

    Dole Whip Shirt

    Yes if I can get enough people interested I am making these to sell. Only a small run...100 of them. Go to my blog and let me know if you're interested! Thanks guys!
  12. terp79

    Dole Whip Shirt

    Just wanted to remind you guys to check out my adventureland dole whip shirt. I'm trying to get enough people interested so i can make this idea become a reality! So what do you think? Would you sport the shirt? Let me know in the comments section...
  13. terp79

    ImagiNations Design Competition 2011

    I believe that you can form teams from other universities as long as they meet the requirements stated on the imaginations webpage. I would confirm that by e-mailing the official ImagiNations rep via the contact info on the ImagiNations webpage!
  14. terp79

    What Souvenirs do you wish Disney would sell?

    My shirt designs as seen on my blog.
  15. terp79

    Early reviews for TLM ride?

    Oh and does anyone else see a slight AA resemblance to the figures from Burtons Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? That's all I see when I look at the AA in TLM. I think it's the wide eyes and the shinny new material they use for the skin. I'm sorry but I will always think of flaming...
  16. terp79

    Early reviews for TLM ride?

    First of all I'm not complaining on the way DCA's TLM attraction facade looks. I understand the vibe the Imagineers were going for but I would of taken inspiration for the other coast.... I would of course taken all the extra outside/night time illumination and added it to...
  17. terp79

    After Star this what's next?

    I think it's hard to judge HRC from this, you can see there's 6 tracks in total and each track holds 6 passengers, we don't even know how many vehicles would be on one track at at one time. Most roller coasters can have 2 vehicles running on one track at a time.
  18. terp79

    After Star this what's next?

    This is VERY cool and a great find but remember patents are made all the time and nothing ever happens with them. This actually could of been the attraction designed for Disneyland that was mentioned in this issue of D23. Either way it's a killer find and it would totally blow potter out of the...
  19. terp79

    TSI / Frontierland Addition

    One of my friends developed a Tales of Ichabod Crane attraction for was accessible via a new bridge that connected the island to Liberty Sq. He entered this concept into WDI ImagiNations 2006 Design Contest. . .I would be excited to see it happen. Doubtful that the theme would be...
  20. terp79

    Does a ropes course belong in a Magic Kingdom style park?...

    Nope, this is liability lawsuit just waiting to happen. I mean sure Disney could probably work around that but it's too risky IMO. Yes it could work for a boutique park like experience because the audiences would be smaller and you'd have to sign wavers and release forms but for the general...
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