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  1. fridgepoliceman

    Anyone have a Disney tatoo?

    I saw a guy with tattoos of all of his favorite rides and attractions. there mustve been at least 15.
  2. fridgepoliceman

    Homes4uu any good?

    Has anybody stayed at one of these "Homes4uu" places? Apparently you can rent a giant 5 bedroom home for $200 per night during New Years. They all include their own private, glassed-in pool and hot tub. 7-12 minutes "from the magic". I found it through that room-finder thing at the top of every...
  3. fridgepoliceman

    Another Great Spot ...But Where?

    that is sooooo the primeval whirl.
  4. fridgepoliceman

    Baseball and People Running Out on to the field

    you kidding me?? thats the best part of any game. hahaha. --- I am a hooligan
  5. fridgepoliceman

    AK's new ride revealed

    haha, you said tooken................................sorry. Is there a pet peeve thread on this board?
  6. fridgepoliceman

    One year with Turbo

    Wow! we registered on the same day? cool. I remember when I first came here. I barely moved the entire spring break. I just layed with my computer on my bed for the week and looked at this site, and that was no laptop btw. I am proud to say that with the one year since I've joined, I...
  7. fridgepoliceman

    Another Great Spot ...But Where?

    Is it plastered into those benches outside of dinosaur?
  8. fridgepoliceman

    Your DVD List

    heck yeah! we have that too. it kicks so much a**. They even have rare movies you'd think would be hard to find. You can get a vacation planning dvd??? they always send me VHS.:mad:
  9. fridgepoliceman

    Check it out!

    haha.. cute. I think everybody's avatar should be of their pets for like a week or so. That would be cool.
  10. fridgepoliceman

    Movie Game!!!

    haha. my feeble brain actually caught that one. Home Alone
  11. fridgepoliceman

    Movie Game!!!

    gee, I'm almost too superstitious about your post count(666) to reply, but how about this: -Nurse Betty
  12. fridgepoliceman

    Another Great Spot ...But Where?

    Holy crap, Coronado! I didnt know you were back. I wasnt sure if you would be back. Whatcha been doin? thats a tough pic, definitely on a piece of early disneyworld material, by the looks of the logo.
  13. fridgepoliceman

    Just how old are you?

    HAHAHAHAAHAAHA Thats so mean. Though I agree The Mom, not a day over 25 Coronado 56 years 1 month (yer... all KIDS!) no2apprentice 47 years, 5 months sandjhooker 41 years, 10 months ACE 41 years 3 Days Debbie, 39 years, 2mos and the clock stops ticking at 39years and 11mos...
  14. fridgepoliceman

    Why don't my post numbers increase?

    Be known for your opinion, not your display of how much of your life youve wasted on the internet (post count). And dont be "post-count prejudice" against those with lower ones. Never forget: It all started with a rat(sp?)
  15. fridgepoliceman

    New Disney movie starring James cameron

    I sympathize with you, cause I hate most movies like that. There's usually one or two per year that are "must see", and I instantly think "must be.. lame". But you're already making it one of those big time movies in your head. You guys seem to forget, its one of those IMAX documentaries...
  16. fridgepoliceman

    New Disney movie starring James cameron

    yeah... but this is a documentary.
  17. fridgepoliceman

    Word Association

    Wish (upon a star)
  18. fridgepoliceman

    Disney and GOD

    YEAH!! that sweet model of epcot's original design in TTA has the coolest looking church in it.
  19. fridgepoliceman

    Seinfeld Trivia

    In the Chinese Restaurant episode, what name did the "reservations guy"(I dont know what you'd call him, but he's the one who yelled out the names of each party) yell out when George recieved a call on the restaurant's phone? Bonus: Who was calling George?
  20. fridgepoliceman

    Disney and GOD

    isnt there a church on property.. and a wedding chapel?
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