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  1. oldshovelhead

    How likely are we to get our waitlist resort requests over Thanksgiving?

    My DW and I are taking the entire family of 6 adults, 2 kids, and 1 infant to WDW over Thanksgiving this year. The last time we did this was 5 years ago and we simply made reservations at our home resort of SSR. This time I chose SSR once again just to make sure we have a reservation and to...
  2. oldshovelhead

    You can have any WDW meal/food item RIGHT NOW, no matter where you are. What is it?

    Well...I'm sitting here at my desk right now eating an apple when I'd much rather be munching on a smoked turkey leg while walking around the Studios!
  3. oldshovelhead

    What would you be doing right now?

    Hmmm... It's 10:08 AM right now in WDW so I'd be in the MK working my way over to the HM after just getting off POC (for the second time).:king:
  4. oldshovelhead

    What would you be doing right now?

    hmmm I would have just exited EE in the AK so I would be looking for lunch.:slurp: I would need something to eat after just loosing my breakfast after the last ride.:hurl:
  5. oldshovelhead

    What would you be doing right now?

    Okay, so it's been 5 months since our last visit to WDW.:cry: That visit included a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Magic.:sohappy: Lately I keep seeing WDW and DCL commercials every time I sit down to watch TV. When I’m at my desk at work I listen to one of several WDW soundtrack...
  6. oldshovelhead

    Call me crazy, but ...

    Well... Call me crazy, but we've seriously thought about doing this ourselves.:p My DW and I talked about just enjoying the resorts without rushing through the parks. We’re empty nesters now and don’t feel the need to spend every minuet on rides or in shows. Maybe a trip that would include a...
  7. oldshovelhead

    Alcohol Question

    Thanks Thank you for your replies!:)
  8. oldshovelhead

    Alcohol Question

    Hmmm That's what I was thinking. Someone once told me that you can buy spirits at the gas station across the street from DTD...If we go there Saturday night I might check it out.:shrug:
  9. oldshovelhead

    Alcohol Question

    My DW and I will be taking our first cruise ever on a five night cruise aboard the Disney Wonder in May.:sohappy: Before we sail…we’ll fly in on a Friday and be transported from MCO via the ME to the AK to spend two nights at Kidani Village. We plan on spending Saturday at EPCOT. Sunday...
  10. oldshovelhead

    Give-a-day Get_a-day?

    Ok, so when does Give-a-day Get-a-day start? Everything since the beginning said 1/1/10... Am I too early at 5:30 AM? Does anybody know what website I go to select a place to volunteer at? I was expecting an e-mail since I had to submit my e-mail address when I first signed up months ago...:shrug:
  11. oldshovelhead

    Can we stay at one resort and relax at another?

    Pool Hopping??? Pool Hopping is ok only if you're a DVC member. It does not however include all of the pools at all of the resorts. The beach club is one of the pools that's off limits unless you're a guest there. Pool hopping is one of the perks for being a DVC member and is advertised that...
  12. oldshovelhead

    Driving stright down are we crazy?!?!

    Check out this web site...most of the time it can really help you to find good clean places to stay...This is a customer based opinion site, not a company site...
  13. oldshovelhead

    Driving stright down are we crazy?!?!

    Well... The last time my DW and I drove down from PA we stopped at a Hampton Inn in Emporia VA the first night, it was a new hotel and a great place to stay. Then the second night we stayed in Hardeeville SC at a horrible Comfort Suites. You can't always trust what you read on Trip...
  14. oldshovelhead

    'Ohana Opinions

    Just a thought here... If you don't mind going out of the park to eat, then why not consider Artist Point in the Wilderness Lodge. It's just a quick boat ride and you'll find it hard to out do the at-mouse-phere...:slurp:
  15. oldshovelhead

    Disney Cruise on DVC Points

    Thanks Thanks for the response...Now I don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I'm sure my DW and I will have a blast...we are looking forward to the food...:slurp:
  16. oldshovelhead

    Disney Cruise on DVC Points

    Thanks! Thank you for your response! Not that I'm ready to be called Grand pop just yet...but our 22 year old DD just got married on our anniversary 5/30 of this year. We gave them WDW for their honeymoon just like my DW and I did 29 ½ years ago, they say they had a blast. He proposed to her...
  17. oldshovelhead

    Disney Cruise on DVC Points

    My DW and I booked a 5 night cruise to the Bahamas on the Disney Wonder. Wooohooo!!! I used our points to do it. It simply cost me the $95.00 transfer fee...:king: She sets sail 5/30/10...since this will be our first cruise ever on any cruise line, and since we're new empty nesters, the one...
  18. oldshovelhead

    Walkway on the Tower next to Contemporary

    Hmmmm. Well...Heights scare the crap out of me so I won't be going there anyway. Unless I spen some time at the Trout Pass Bar first and then hold my wife's hand really tight...:dazzle: I really would love to see the palce though.:shrug:
  19. oldshovelhead

    DVC Resorts?

    Well... We stayed at VB and loved it...our home resort is SSR. I would be curious to know about resorts other than Disney owned properties like the ones you can trade out to with RCI???:shrug:
  20. oldshovelhead

    Sea sick on a Disney cruise?

    Hmmm. I was thinking about Palo on my 50th birthday...we'll be between Castaway Cay and Nassau that evening...:slurp:
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