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  1. BringBackMrToad

    Your favorite PARTS of WDW attractions...what are they?

    Towards the beginning of Splash when you're outside and going past the things like Critter Elixir and such as the instrumental plays. Stretching Room in HM. The smell in the Queue of Pirates. The creation of Figment in the original Imagination
  2. BringBackMrToad

    Pixar Inside Out 2015

    Saw it tonight, was absolutely blown away. Had some very funny parts early on and then like someone said earlier in this thread, you could hear a pin-drop in the second half of it. Really good original idea done perfectly. I saw a 10:00 showing, so there weren't an kids there, but the theatre...
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    Photo Association Thread!

  4. BringBackMrToad

    What is your fantasy park souvenir?

    Similarly, I'd want the old TTA/WEDway guy narrating mine. NOW APPROACHING...HESS GAS STATION
  5. BringBackMrToad

    Photo Association Thread!

    Getting wet
  6. BringBackMrToad

    Can anyone heading to WDW soon snap me a pic of...

    The sign (needlepoint) in the Splash Mountain queue that says "You can't run away from trouble...ain't no place that far." I've been looking online for it, and so far can only find blurryish/small/shadow-covered ones (like so...
  7. BringBackMrToad

    WDWFigment's Photo Trip Novel Part II: October 2009 - Legends of the Fall

    Well to be honest, I was kind of the same way, I didn't ride Winnie the Pooh the first two years I went after it opened. And I also cringe when riding Journey Into Imagination (and SGE for that matter) not only because it replaced a ride that I loved, but because the rides themselves are...
  8. BringBackMrToad

    WDWFigment's Photo Trip Novel Part II: October 2009 - Legends of the Fall

    Great trip report, and as always, amazing pictures!! :sohappy: And I have to say, I completely agree with your assessment of Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I was such a big Mr. Toad fan as a kid (as seen by my username) and to be honest, I remember going to MK as a 9 year old in March of...
  9. BringBackMrToad

    Ah crap, you sunk my amusement park...

    MK: Splash Mountain Haunted Mansion Pirates of the Caribbean Epcot: Test Track Mission Space Spaceship Earth DHS: Tower of Terror Fantasmic Muppets 3D AK: Kilimanjaro Dinosaur Festival of the Lion King
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    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 7)

    Taken during Rock n Roller Coaster
  11. BringBackMrToad

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 6)

    The pictures I'm going to start putting up I posted back in the original Picture of the Day thread, but I think as a few years have passed it would be okay if I reposted some of them (especially as I haven't been back to take any new pics :cry:) The pool at the Dolphin :D
  12. BringBackMrToad

    WDW Lightning picture.
  13. BringBackMrToad

    Wonders of Life rumored DEMO set for 2008?

    That is going to be a sad day for me. One of my parents worked for Metlife when they sponsered it, and we were able to go backstage somewhere and get drinks and just get away from the crowds for a bit every year. So I've always had a bit of an attatchment to it.
  14. BringBackMrToad

    What is the first....

    Check in to the hotel, go to the pool, Boardwalk to eat, Downtown Disney. MK:Get a FP for Splash, Ride Splash regular, Ride BTMR, Fastpass Splash, eventually dole whip. EPCOT (Yes, EPCOT): Get FP for Soarin', head to M:S, FP Soarin MGM:ToT many times AK: Kilimanjaro early while the animals are...
  15. BringBackMrToad

    Official Photography Contest 9/28/07 - 10/4/07 Magic Kingdom

    Trying to stay away from the castle.
  16. BringBackMrToad

    How do you kill the time?????

    Watch any home movies if you have any, find Disney videos on YouTube, listen to any of the online radio things that play Disney music. Have fun! Oh, and is your avatar at Hershey?
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    Yes, speak English.
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