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    Disneyland Fantasmic Dragon Engulfed in Flames

    Thanks so much for the replies! We did one-park per day tickets. There are a lot of really interesting options at Red Rose and, weirdly, Galactic Grill. I think that’s where we’ll do an on-the-run breakfast now that I consider it. A hop into Tiki Room/Tropical Hideaway should be sufficient. I...
  2. Disneyson

    Disneyland Fantasmic Dragon Engulfed in Flames

    Sort of a planning question, sort of a comment: Should I take my boyfriend to see Fantasmic during D23? For context, my partner has never been to Disneyland before, and we’ve planned on spending our time at Disneyland during “D23 Day”. This will be his first time at Disneyland, and (because we...
  3. Disneyson

    News New Main Street, U.S.A Costumes for Cast Members at Magic Kingdom

    I remember when they changed the Kali River Rapids and Expedition Everest costumes to streamline them. While the t-shirts for Kali were gross, the Everest costumes were sorely missed, and definitely stripped some story away from the experience with the “Himaylan Escapes” patch taken away. Cast...
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    News Fantasmic!, Festival of Fantasy Parade and Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire to return to Walt Disney World

    I can imagine a new parade “in production” would be a great low-lift for a D23 announcement. They wouldn’t have to make good on the promise for two years. If they want the crowd to roar they’d also announce a nighttime parade (returning or new). If they want to instantly fix the current...
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    News Walt Disney World casting for a new experience celebrating Encanto

    I truly think this is a replacement for Frozen. They’ll test in for a month and then replace it, I imagine. It’s probably due to contracts that they can’t call it permanent. Perhaps they’ll add Kristoff to Friendship Faire to give the cast member a placement through his contract - though I’m...
  6. Disneyson

    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    Popping back in because of the new pictures of the sensors in the gourds - doesn’t that scream “re-used Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” to you? Is it possible that SotMK was closed so Moana could live? And if so… wow, that would be lame. I really hope WDI was able to figure out how to fix the...
  7. Disneyson

    The Sacred Timeline

    Thanks so much for the comprehensive timeline - it’s endlessly frustrating that the close date for Harmonious and Enchantment aren’t released. I also think this is a fascinating timeline in the fact that October - December are kinda like “safe months” for Disney in the fact that they really...
  8. Disneyson

    What has happened to the place we (used to) love?

    The way this manifests to me, at least, is that it turns my weeklong every-park-except-for-SeaWorld whirlwind into only the parks that are serving limited-time experiences that are worth something to me. I used to enjoy going to the parks for the high-quality service, the ease of travel, and the...
  9. Disneyson

    Epcot's 40th Anniversary

    This is disgusting. I’m so embarrassed of this by proxy. I’m sort of shocked that someone on the D23 team thinks that a group of Disney Diehards think that a single “priority” entry into Living with the Land is worth… anything. This is giving me big D23 Marketplace vibes, where most of the...
  10. Disneyson

    MagicBand+ announced

    I know it’s a cash thing, but given Disney’s tight connections with Apple, I’m really surprised that there is no Apple Watch “watch face” version of MagicBand+. It seems deeply intuitive and would probably look better than the slow-loading light designs on the physical versions. And because...
  11. Disneyson

    The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

    Though I will say that, IMHO, it’s not an either-or thing. Just because (the original, pyro-filled) Happily Ever After had representational projections, doesn’t mean that the show was less enjoyable outside of the hub. Sure, there is a give and take especially with the Merida arrow, Grandma...
  12. Disneyson

    The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

    Do we think that the reason they’re really sticking to Enchantment staying around forever is because… A. The show is genuinely cheaper to run each night B. They want something to announce at D23 that can go after a lukewarm Target-style announcement and guarantees folks go crazy C. There’s a...
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    The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

    Doc, you mean to tell me those surveys had an effect and were self-aware of the expected responses, because they were likely made by a person in corporate who had to prove the disappointment with the 50th using hard data rather than common sense? EDIT: …and that because of this slow moving...
  14. Disneyson

    Rumor Disney bus driver busted for grooming kids on chat while at work

    I’m very glad that nobody has said such a thing.
  15. Disneyson

    Rumor Disney bus driver busted for grooming kids on chat while at work

    We all understand how horrible this is for the children, and I can assume that we are all glad that this horrible person was captured. But because of the wording of the topic’s title, it is clear that this user cares more to create a toxic flame war rather than respect the news story or honor...
  16. Disneyson

    Rumor Disney bus driver busted for grooming kids on chat while at work

    This needs a thread change. Glad this guy was caught, but the title is in bad faith and attempts to connect an famously openly gay Imagineer with “grooming”, which is cruel and knowingly perpetuates stereotypes about the gay community that are so commonly used to paint the entire community in...
  17. Disneyson

    HKDL gets new castle, frozen land and marvel land.

    I mean, I think that we all know the pyro is simply impossible, but after Frozen I imagine they can add some back in. Of course, I’m grading on a DLP/Tokyo level where I know there are limits on the sound due to neighbors. The story and other effects raise the show to a whole new bar for me. And...
  18. Disneyson

    HKDL gets new castle, frozen land and marvel land.

    Aside from the rain, which I think really messed up the projections, I think this is probably the strongest castle show aside from Happily Ever After I’ve ever seen (barring “Remember…” because that really was made for DL).
  19. Disneyson

    News The Gardens Course at Fantasia Miniature Golf closing for refurbishment during May 2022

    I hope they restore some of the inconsistent effects (Chernabog in Bald Mountain, the water effects, and the topiaries). The worst part is how the actual gardens of Fantasia Gardens have been sorely neglected. They need some love.
  20. Disneyson

    News Expedition Everest refurbishment in 2022

    You’re right, I may be misremembering - it might be the sensor that notes that the track has safely switched sides and is ready to drop your tea train. You’re right. All of the problems are frustrating in the fact that there are so few “active” show elements on Everest and still they refuse to...
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